Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

This eclipse of May 5 will be in Scorpio, similar to an eclipse you had last year on May 15 in Scorpio and as said, tied to the theme of the one last year on November 8. You have watched your career undergo a number of changes since this family of eclipses first started in November 19, 2021. Now at this point, you will likely need to make additional tweaks to your career and choose a new direction or a way to get fresh experience.

The hard part of the eclipse is that it will bring completely unexpected news. Everyone of every sign will likely be dealing with some level of surprising, if not shocking, news. Uranus will test your resourcefulness, flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to turn on a dime when necessary. A superior you admired, an executive who has always protected you, may announce a departure. Or your company may announce a streamlining effort with dozens of layoffs. You might be glad to leave, or you might be chosen to stay, and if you do, you will likely take on greater responsibility.

Pluto will be in a grumpy mood and might bring a demanding, difficult person into your life and make the process of addressing career matters more difficult. If you get a new job, there seems to be some sort of negotiation about your salary, so you may have to ask for a higher salary so you can eventually settle on one you can accept.

Saturn is in your solar second house of earned income, suggesting some VIPs may be in a frugal mood and will try to get you to agree to a lower salary than you feel is fair. You can make progress if you come up with reasons why you are worth a greater salary. You need to convince the person who is in charge of the purse strings that you are worth the investment the company will make in you.

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