Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

You are about to have a big month—career will bring news, change, and opportunity, with home and hearth being a place of love, warmth, and outstandingly good luck.


You have been handling a lot lately, for the eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus have been working to bring considerable change since they began coming by every six months since November 19, 2021. You may need to change jobs, take on more clients, move house, or sell property, as some examples.

A difficult full moon lunar eclipse is due on May 5, and it is linked to events that might have happened at the previous eclipse in this series, which occurred November 8. That eclipse might have delivered its message near October 10, November 8, or December 7. The full moon lunar eclipse of this month, May 5, will bring changes to your professional life.

You are a fixed sign, and the signs of the current eclipse family are fixed too—Taurus and Scorpio. While you may have faced a loss or untoward change during previous eclipses, this month seems to point you in the right direction, to a place you can be appreciated and to create a home life that is truly fulfilling.

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