Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

Guess what!

You will get that perfect new moon on May 19 in Taurus, 28 degrees, just three days after Jupiter arrives in Taurus on May 16. Wow!

This elegant new moon will be flanked by the Sun, Mercury (news), Uranus (surprise) and Jupiter (happiness and outstanding luck). That is exactly half the solar system! When it comes to home and family, this is where your full attention will be, and rightly so! If you need to make changes at home or in regard to assisting a family member (or vice versa, if you need a family member to help you) this will be your moment to act, just after May 19. Pluto and Mars will be at loggerheads on May 20, so let that day pass and aim for May 26 when Venus will be in sync with your ruler Uranus.

Your ruler Uranus will be in a wide (9-degree) conjunction to the Sun, so there still will be a few surprises, but they’re not likely to be difficult, like what Uranus was up to earlier at the May 5 eclipse. The Sun rules your partner (spouse or live-in sweetheart), so your partner is where you’ll get unexpected news. This entire month seems packed with surprises.

Venus will assume the dominant role at the May 19 new moon in Taurus. This is exceptional good news for Venus will be in sync with your ruling planet Uranus. This suggests that you will like this new moon, which will be influential for six months but strongest at the end of this month, for it very gradually will use, and eventually and slowly deplete, its powers by the time we reach the full moon in Taurus October 28, which coincidentally will be the very last eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio family of eclipses.

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