Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

If you are looking for a roommate to share the rent, who you find will likely be someone that you get along with quite well. Be sure to put a contract in place at the start.

Because Mercury will be retrograde in your home sector until May 14, a trend that started last month on April 21, do your best not to sign any important papers in the first two weeks of the month. Always leave a space of days after the retrograde is over because Mercury is a clever little prankster at the official start and end dates of the retrograde.

If you have to sign while Mercury is retrograde because you would lose the opportunity, then you won’t have a choice—you must sign. It seems you will want to make corrections to the agreement later, if that is possible. In this case, have a short contract, if that would be appropriate (such as a rental lease for your apartment). Your lawyer could build in a “what if…” clause and also try to get an exit clause approved, should you become unhappy later during the term of the agreement. These provisions will apply mainly if you have to sign when Mercury is retrograde. You are being protected by Jupiter in matters of real estate and family conditions, and that is quite an asset. Still, I can’t see everything in your chart (you may have a natal aspect that’s somewhat glitchy), so I am being extra careful here.

Now let’s consider how you can get Jupiter to shower you with golden confetti! A glowing planet like Jupiter would need a trigger—an interaction with another planet or, even better, a new moon in the sign and house that Jupiter is residing in now (Taurus, your fourth house). A new moon would be powerful and be able to unlock Jupiter’s cornucopia of riches for you. You typically get only one new moon in each house of the horoscope within a year. You need one in your fourth house of home.

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