Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

Many Aquarians go into areas where new technology plays a big part of the job. Aquarius rules computers, space, and television. Now that movies are digitized, moves are included. If you are among the many film and TV writers in Hollywood who go on strike May 2, Mercury will be retrograde until May 14, so it would be wise to allow talks to continue at a leisurely pace for at least that long.

You will need time to listen to both sides of the situation. With both Mercury retrograding and the May 5 eclipse happening too, this could add up to an environment of confusion. It would be hard to see the road ahead. All eclipses have a second act, and additional information will be forthcoming several days (or a few weeks) after the May 5 eclipse—a good reason to go slowly.

You may be about to examine very important matters including streaming, digital delivery, and the role of AI. Some of these technological advancements, like AI and ChatGPT, are so new that no one can say for sure what their final influence will be. We can see the benefits, but we need to consider the pitfalls too, on both sides of the bargaining table. The world will be watching for the solution, even if it will turn out to be a temporary one that will be in place for just a few years.

The picture will improve substantially in the second half of the month. Also, with Uranus, your ruler, and Pluto on a rampage pointing their anger at the full moon eclipse on May 5 in Scorpio, everyone on will be feeling a little unhappy, frustrated or fragile. Get beyond this eclipse, and keep looking for workable solutions. Scorpio is a big-money sign, so of course, the financial implications of any change will be at the forefront.

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