Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

See if you can go to a quiet place for an hour, such as a peaceful, quiet park. Or go to a church, dimly lit with candles and soft light coming through the stained-glass windows. Alternatively, you might prefer going to a café, muse about the future over a cup of coffee, and jot down ideas as they come to you.

I believe the job that might be offered to you at this juncture would be a dream job, but you might have to figure out how you will handle family obligations This may require asking home-care workers to stay longer until you are over the transition. This will cost more, but on that score, things look good—you may be making more.

Until you are settled, with Mars in your sixth house until May 20, you will be able to pick up independent work to keep money coming in. While Mercury is retrograde (until May 14), go back to people you used to work with and enjoyed, for they may have the perfect project to offer you.

If you lose your job, or if you keep your present job but see a favorite boss be “eclipsed out” (which is what eclipses do), you nevertheless have reason to be optimistic. You will be able to find something better. In either case, I see that you can parlay your past experience into an exciting new job.

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