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MAY 2022

Dear Reader,

This is a big month! Two eclipses are due, the one April 30 was a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus, and it will affect you for six months or more. The second eclipse will be a total eclipse of the moon (lunar full moon eclipse) in Scorpio, and it will affect you near the time it will occur because full moons tend to deliver news quickly and bring conclusions or endings—something ends and something else begins. Two weeks later, a sweet new moon (not an eclipse) in Gemini will appear on May 30. That is not half of what’s happening in May!

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Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

You have a major month ahead because two of the four eclipses of 2022 are coming now. They will cut across your home and career sectors, so change will be in the air. Uranus, your ruler, will be active in both, but there are good aspects from other planets associated with these eclipses too, and those will prove to be quite helpful. As an Aquarian, you like a little controlled chaos—it can be invigorating. When things get too routine, you get bored—that’s unlikely now. Let’s look at what the cosmos is cooking up for you in May.

The first eclipse appeared on April 30, one day prior to the start of May. It was in Taurus, 10 degrees, and appeared in your sector of home and family. The part that makes this eclipse unusual is that Uranus, your ruling planet, came arm in arm with the Sun and new moon—very tightly orbiting with both. This suggests you may suddenly want to move or be told you must move, perhaps by a landlord who recently sold the building, as one of many possible examples. You may have already moved, and if so, you may be dressing up your home with new furniture, a renovation, ordering in people to make repairs, or deciding to do a deep cleaning of your home.

If none of that activity resonates with you, you may be thinking about your mother or father who may miss you and need you to help. You may go over to your parents’ house to set up auto-pay on their computer for recurring expenses, help your father find a new specialist, or hire a home-care person who can come in daily to do some light housework and cook meals for your mother if she lives alone. Parents—and those you think of as parents—come under the same fourth house of home, which is being brightly lit this month. As you see, you may be thinking about your family, your home, or other property you are interested in to buy or rent.

Lifestyle changes often mean your spending needs to rise, but it appears that with Jupiter in your second house of personal earned income, your finances have remained strong and are likely to continue to grow. It appears (from where I sit) that you can afford the home- or family-related changes you have in mind.

Let’s talk about the aspects surrounding this new moon—they are quite wonderful. Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune will all send greetings to Mercury, and Mercury rules your eighth house of other people’s money, which include such funds as commissions, royalties, bonuses, insurance payouts, inheritances, prize winnings and contests, taxes and tax refunds, all kinds of bank loans, and more. This tells me that you would likely be able to get pre-approved for a mortgage or home improvement loan if you want one. This would be good news because you have strong evidence surrounding your home.

Remarkably, Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces (prior to the discovery of Neptune in 1846), and today, astrologers look at both Jupiter and Neptune as co-rulers of Pisces. This all means that this rare conjunction is especially strong. These two planets, Jupiter and Venus, are individually associated with money—and they are meeting in your second house of salary, other earned income, and personal wealth! This tells me that this April eclipse might bring news of unexpected funds, large or small. Also, on the horoscope wheel for Aquarius’ solar chart, Venus rules your house of family, home, and other property. Wow, you are so fortunate to have this conjunction just when you need it most. All indications are that the changes you are about to make will please you very much.

There is a new moon on May 30 in Gemini, your house of true love. This is fantastic. Love is about to blossom open if you want it to!

The Aquarians that will notice the message of the new moon solar eclipse of April 30 will be those born on or within five days of January 30. Similarly, if you have Aquarius rising or your natal moon at 10 degrees Aquarius, plus or minus five degrees, you will also benefit. If you have a natal planet at 10 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, that planet will work hard for you.

The series of eclipses that are happening now will continue to emphasize home and your career later this year in late October and early November, and you will also see two more eclipses in this series of Taurus and Scorpio in 2023. Eclipses always arrive at different mathematical degrees, emphasizing various birthdays of the signs they most affect. You would not likely feel all the eclipses in a strong way—only the ones that touch the degrees of your natal Sun, moon, and planets. The April 30 new moon solar eclipse will bring news now and in the days and weeks that follow. Solar eclipses are generally happy events for everyone because they open new opportunities and offer a fresh start.

Lunar eclipses, like the one we will have next, May 15/16, a total eclipse of the moon, are different and usually more emotional than new moon solar eclipses because they signal an end or conclusion. Something ends so that something else can begin. At lunar eclipses, if the universe deems a situation no longer relevant to your future, it may suddenly be swept out of your life. You may not initially see that the universe works in your favor, but in time, with reflection, you will see that to be true.

The May 15 total eclipse of the moon will fall in your prestigious career sector, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. If you could see your chart, it would be at the very top where the 12 appears on the face of the clock—this house rules your reputation and includes clues to your ultimate contribution to the world. You may decide to take a new position in a new company, or it may be that you are offered a substantial promotion in the company where you are now. If you are self-employed, you may finish a big project to much acclaim.

Yet often a person gets “eclipsed out,” and that might be a favorite boss who hired you, making you feel like an orphan. If this happens, it would be a shock when people hear about that top person’s departure.

Saturn will be square the Sun, an aspect denoting an obstacle, suggesting you will be working hard at this point in the month, possibly on a new job that you opt to take on. That’s only one possibility—my point is, you will be busy, and you’ll need to take good care of yourself.

At the same time, I feel you may be thinking about a member of your family, possibly your mother, who may be feeling under the weather or a little lonely. Check in with your parents by phone or with an in-person visit, for they would love to hear from you. If you are not concerned about the welfare of a family member this month, your living situation may be on your mind. If there’s an urgent situation to attend to, that can add pressure to fix it soon. When it comes to deciding about where you will live, a main consideration will likely be how well you can care for family members who depend on you. Commuting far seems out of the question, but you may be able to work remotely.

Saturn is your ancient ruler, before Uranus was discovered in 1781. Today, astrologers consider both Uranus and Saturn as your rulers when discerning your outlook for any period. Certainly, the fact that Saturn has been in Aquarius for the first time in 29 years has put pressure on you. This is a training trend that started December 16, 2020, and will end March 7, 2023.

You are being urged to commit to new life responsibilities, and some Aquarians will get married, welcome a baby, or enter college to get an undergraduate or graduate degree. Some will start their own business, take on a big promotion, buy their first house, or move cross country. There are so many possibilities, and of course, you would not do all these things, just one or maybe two. Saturn’s job is to give us maturity, so the point is, it is time to put your cards on the table and state what is truly important to you—and work toward achieving that goal. If you haven’t committed to a big life goal yet, you will do so in this coming year.

Mars is currently racing through your second house of personal money, so it seems your expenses are high. Mars is going to send the full moon lunar eclipse a beautiful, affirming beam on March 15. That means if you are changing jobs, management will want your talents and very likely give you the salary you want.

There could be a last-minute twist to how the job process proceeds, however. Uranus, your ruler, will widely oppose the moon and be close (but not too close) to the Sun in Taurus. I am not sure if you will feel Uranus’ volatility and get sudden news at the last minute. Uranus will be 10 degrees away from an opposition to the moon—I do allow 10 degrees for an aspect to an eclipse, but it is right on the borderline. For this reason, I am not sure if you will get sudden news at the end or not. (For a normal new moon or full moon, I allow 8 degrees, but eclipses are different and stronger.)

You might find something wrong with the offer or at the last minute decide to put family first. In this instance (among many possibilities), you might decline the job to be able to live close to family and make it easier for you to be available to those family members who need you.

Or it could be that in the eleventh hour, you’ll suffer a sudden reversal—you don’t get the position offered to you after all, despite many positive interviews. In that case you would be stunned, for you assumed you’d get the job offer. The tone and pace of the meetings leading to this moment were so encouraging. If that happens, it’s their loss. Mercury will be retrograde, and people don’t always make the best decisions.

Did I not yet mention Mercury retrograde? Mercury will go retrograde from May 10 to June 3. Life becomes dynamic and changeable during these phases, but everyone is in the same boat, trying to deal with it all. If the people you are interviewing with finally choose a different candidate during Mercury retrograde, I am not sure that person will work out well. Keep an eye on that situation by keeping up with reports in the press. The company may come back, beg you to come in to talk! I am not saying you will even have a problem, but if you do, I suspect it will be due to the scrambled thinking that is so prevalent when Mercury is retrograde. They may have done you a favor—something better is due.

The Aquarians who will feel this eclipse of May 15 the most will be those whose birthdays fall within five days of February 13. The same is true for those who have Aquarius rising or natal moon in Aquarius within five degrees of 25 degrees. Do you have a natal planet plus or minus five degrees of 25 degrees in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? Then that natal plant in will be sweetly angled to the May 15 eclipse and work to help you quite a bit.

Mars will be leaving Pisces, your financial second house, on May 24 and enter Aries until July 4. This will mark an improvement of your monetary picture. Mars increased expenses and put a temporary drain on your account—after May 24, your excessive outflow will end. Whew. Instead, you will get a chance to travel a little to places not too far, under 200 miles. This will reduce stress and help you enjoy being in a new setting.

On Sunday, May 29, we have a rare and splendid conjunction of action-oriented Mars and good-fortune planet Jupiter. This usually happens on one day every two years and always in a different sign. This time they are meeting in Aries, and remarkably, they don’t meet in Aries all that often. The last time this happened was on May 1, 2011, and the time prior to that was on June 16, 1975. The next time Jupiter and Mars will meet, after this month on May 29, will be on April 12, 2058.

Aries and Aquarius blend beautifully because it’s a pairing of air and fire, and this Mars-Jupiter conjunction will happen in your third house of communication, contracts, and travel. May 29 will be a Sunday, so consider taking your short trip over the weekend of May 27-29. In the US, the holiday of Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 30, when most people are given the day off, and it is dubbed “The Unofficial Start of Summer.”

That would be an ideal weekend to have fun. Siblings are a feature of the third house too, so you might get a visit from your sister or go see your brother. If your sibling has an idea to share or wants to make an introduction for you over these dates, agree to that idea even if you feel your sister has no clue what type of person you would like.

This meeting of Mars and Jupiter would be the perfect time to sign a contract, but Mercury will still be retrograde at this point, so wait to sign until after June 3.

There is one more big event in May, can you believe it? It will happen on May 30, a new moon in Gemini, your house of true love. This is fantastic, and it will affect you in the days and weeks to come for as long as six months. The strongest vibrations, however, flow immediately after the new moon, in the first 10 to 14 days. To make a new moon work for you, all you need to do is take the first step on a golden day like this one.

With the new moon in Gemini, your house of true love, this could set off a meeting with the right romantic person you will want to know better. You have had a large amount of stress over the past two years as you took on new and unfamiliar responsibilities that required an adjustment. If anyone needs a little fun, it’s you. The universe agrees.

If you are married or dating seriously, you will see that life is changing. You will have more quality time to spend together, and you will find it’s time to dream again. Later in the year, at the end of August, Mars will focus your attention on this same sector of Gemini, your love sector, but Mars will stay not the typical six weeks but seven months, until March 25, 2023. As you see, love is about to blossom open if you want it to!

The house that has all this activity coming starting May 30 is also the house of children, and covers pregnancy, birth, and the care for children no matter what their age. You love your children the same way whether they are two months old or 20 years old. Now you will have a chance to add a new baby to your household, if you want a child, or to spend more time with the children you have now. In fact, you may draw up plans for a family vacation that will allow you to weave a memory in golden threads that could become a tapestry that will last forever.

Your fifth house also rules your imagination, originality, and creativity. If you are artistic or work with people who work in any phase of the arts or as part of the VIP support staff, you will have much to gain from this trend, too. You may get a new project that you will be enthusiastic about starting. These elements of the fifth house are not mutually exclusive—you may have a wonderful love life AND have a creative project.

Aquarians who were born on January 29, plus or minus five days, will benefit from this trend in a big way. Later, when Mars moves into Gemini (August 20 until March 25, 2023), Mars will move though the entire constellation, so every Aquarian of every birthday will benefit. Look to see if you have Aquarius rising or your natal moon in Aquarius at 9 degrees—plus or minus five degrees. If you do, you will benefit, too. Also, look to see if you have a planet at 9 degrees Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, plus or minus five degrees.

Life is changing, dear Aquarius, and you will soon see it is heading in the right direction. Even if you have to get over a few bumps, you will get to where you want to be. You won’t remember the obstacles—you will later only remember the joy you will feel when you get settled on the other side of the creek. You are walking over those big stones now—think of life as an adventure.


This is a big month, for we have two eclipses, and both will cut through sensitive parts of your chart ruling home and career. Changes are coming, but no worries, for both are well-aspected and friendly.

Your home will be accented by the first eclipse, an eclipse of the Sun (a new moon) in Taurus that appeared on April 30. You seem to have been making good money so far this year, so you may decide to upgrade your standard of living with a new, larger home. If you do want to move, you will likely find the right space, and it will come up suddenly because of the presence of unpredictable Uranus conjunct the Sun and new moon.

If you adore the house or apartment that you live in now, you may decide to renovate your kitchen and bath, maybe because of a small problem that comes up that requires repair. You may have always wanted to do an entire renovation someday, and this eclipse will give you a reason to radically move up timetables from “someday” to now. Uranus will be active at this eclipse, and he also happens to be your ruler, so what comes up will capture your attention, doubly so if your birthday falls on or within five days of January 30. If you have either Aquarius rising or your natal moon in Aquarius at 10 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, this is also true for you.

If you are not focused on your physical home, you need to keep an eye on your family members, most notably your mother or father, as you may need to offer quick assistance

You may need to spend quite a bit of money at this eclipse if you are moving, renovating, or dressing up your space, or if you are helping a parent. If so, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is still in your financial second house, so it appears this planet of largess will help you find the cash you need to cover any unexpected expenses that might come up.

Eclipses always come in pairs. The second eclipse will arrive on May 15/16 as a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, 25 degrees, and will light your solar tenth house of professional advancement. This will bring a career matter to a conclusion or fullness so that a new chapter can begin. Again, you will be under strong protective vibrations, this time from three major planets—Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter.

Mars’ friendly attitude is particularly comforting since it rules Scorpio, the sign of the eclipse falling on May 15. Pluto, the other Scorpio planetary ruler (Scorpio has two rulers) also will be supportive from his perch in Capricorn, beaming sparkling rays to the full moon eclipse and the Sun. You are very lucky that the aspects to this full moon eclipse are so encouraging. In short, Pluto will see to it that you are revitalized by the eclipse. Should anything untoward happen, remember that an eclipse will always bring a second act—wait for new information to reach you several days or weeks later.

Meanwhile, Mars and Neptune will be working to help you negotiate a generous salary. Eclipses often bring news we don’t expect. Sometimes an eclipse will “eclipse out” a boss who hired you and you love. You may feel like an orphan, wondering if you should stay at the firm. Or the eclipse may eclipse out some of the workers because of cost-cutting measures. If you are among the employees asked to stay, your job description will likely change.

If you want to change jobs now, it appears you will need a middleman to help you locate a new position. This person could be a headhunter, job broker, head of Human Resources, friend, or even (the most likely) a family member who can act as an advocate for you. Welcome help from all sources—a great reference can work wonders.

Aquarians who have a birthday that falls on February 13, plus or minus five days, will feel the May 15 eclipse the most. It’s effects on your career will be noticeable. The same is true if your rising sign or natal moon is in Aquarius at 25 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If you know your natal chart, look to see if you have a planet within five degrees of 25 degrees in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. If so, you, too, will benefit from the work that natal planet will do for you.

While all these matters brought up by the two eclipses (April 30 and May 15/16) are consuming your mind, with possible upcoming changes due, good-fortune Jupiter will quietly slip out of Pisces, your second house of salary, and into Aries, your third house of communication, negotiation, and contractual matters. This sector will be an area of enormous gain for you in the coming months, from May 10 to October 27, and then again from December 20, 2022, to May 16, 2023. If you need to negotiate a new salary and benefits package for a new position, you will be especially well equipped to do so.

By the time you get close to month’s end, you will be better adjusted to the sudden changes that will have come up earlier.

On May 30, a new moon (not an eclipse) will come by in the sweet-for-Aquarius sign of Gemini. It will energize your house of true love, indicating you will be ready to socialize and finally have time for fun. If you are single, this new moon can offer you one of the best moments of the year to meet someone new in the months ahead.

By this point in the month, Jupiter will be in Aries (moving from Pisces to Aries May 10 to stay for months) and will be in an ideal position to support this enchanting new moon in your love and romance sector. If you are single, be sure to circulate in the weeks to come, and if you are attached, draw up plans to spend more quality time together so you can relax and have fun.

This is only the beginning—Mars will come to help you in August and has planned a seven-month stay in your house of love. If you don’t meet your one truelove now, you will have plenty of time later in the year. If you are attached or married, you will have more quality time to spend together. You may want to plan a magical vacation to take together now or in late August. If you hope for a baby this new moon, May 30, will give you reason for hope. If pregnancy does not result now (and you want that to happen), then the second part of the year may give you a solid second chance.

Your creativity will blossom too, and you can direct your ideas and artistic expressions to your work or to projects at home—everywhere you look will bring opportunities to add your unique point of view and style.

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