Aquarius Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

With the new moon in Gemini, your house of true love, this could set off a meeting with the right romantic person you will want to know better. You have had a large amount of stress over the past two years as you took on new and unfamiliar responsibilities that required an adjustment. If anyone needs a little fun, it’s you. The universe agrees.

If you are married or dating seriously, you will see that life is changing. You will have more quality time to spend together, and you will find it’s time to dream again. Later in the year, at the end of August, Mars will focus your attention on this same sector of Gemini, your love sector, but Mars will stay not the typical six weeks but seven months, until March 25, 2023. As you see, love is about to blossom open if you want it to!

The house that has all this activity coming starting May 30 is also the house of children, and covers pregnancy, birth, and the care for children no matter what their age. You love your children the same way whether they are two months old or 20 years old. Now you will have a chance to add a new baby to your household, if you want a child, or to spend more time with the children you have now. In fact, you may draw up plans for a family vacation that will allow you to weave a memory in golden threads that could become a tapestry that will last forever.

Your fifth house also rules your imagination, originality, and creativity. If you are artistic or work with people who work in any phase of the arts or as part of the VIP support staff, you will have much to gain from this trend, too. You may get a new project that you will be enthusiastic about starting. These elements of the fifth house are not mutually exclusive—you may have a wonderful love life AND have a creative project.

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