Aquarius Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Aquarius

Or it could be that in the eleventh hour, you’ll suffer a sudden reversal—you don’t get the position offered to you after all, despite many positive interviews. In that case you would be stunned, for you assumed you’d get the job offer. The tone and pace of the meetings leading to this moment were so encouraging. If that happens, it’s their loss. Mercury will be retrograde, and people don’t always make the best decisions.

Did I not yet mention Mercury retrograde? Mercury will go retrograde from May 10 to June 3. Life becomes dynamic and changeable during these phases, but everyone is in the same boat, trying to deal with it all. If the people you are interviewing with finally choose a different candidate during Mercury retrograde, I am not sure that person will work out well. Keep an eye on that situation by keeping up with reports in the press. The company may come back, beg you to come in to talk! I am not saying you will even have a problem, but if you do, I suspect it will be due to the scrambled thinking that is so prevalent when Mercury is retrograde. They may have done you a favor—something better is due.

The Aquarians who will feel this eclipse of May 15 the most will be those whose birthdays fall within five days of February 13. The same is true for those who have Aquarius rising or natal moon in Aquarius within five degrees of 25 degrees. Do you have a natal planet plus or minus five degrees of 25 degrees in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? Then that natal plant in will be sweetly angled to the May 15 eclipse and work to help you quite a bit.

Mars will be leaving Pisces, your financial second house, on May 24 and enter Aries until July 4. This will mark an improvement of your monetary picture. Mars increased expenses and put a temporary drain on your account—after May 24, your excessive outflow will end. Whew. Instead, you will get a chance to travel a little to places not too far, under 200 miles. This will reduce stress and help you enjoy being in a new setting.

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