Aquarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

by Susan Miller

The new moon on March 10 in Pisces at 20 degrees may have you concerned about all the money you are spending lately, and you know where the money is going—you guessed it, on your home or a family member. Saturn is orbiting somewhat close to the Sun and new moon, and sometimes when you are involved in a lifestyle change (which you seem to be), more money than usual needs to be spent to cover expenses. Saturn’s presence usually means that any belt tightening done in the short-term will yield excellent value and profits in the long-term. You may be worrying too much, for you appear to be making slow, careful, and thoughtful decisions, and your horoscope suggests you are happy that the value of your property is appreciating so nicely.

This month, Neptune, the planet of beauty, grace, and artistic expression but also the planet of the mist that can cause confusion or misunderstanding, will be orbiting very close to the new moon March 10. This means you can’t make assumptions when making big decisions, even though elsewhere in your chart you have you glowing support from Jupiter and Uranus. If making a costly or long-term decision, you would need expert legal advice, so do not hesitate to hire a lawyer for any major action you are about to take. If you have a partner or spouse, you will need to rally his or her support too—again, don’t assume this person will go along with any and all of your ideas. Take the time to take this warning to heart.

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