Aquarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

by Susan Miller

If you are concerned about money, the new moon in Pisces, 20 degrees, on March 10 may help you but it is anyone’s guess how much. Jupiter will support that new moon, which is glorious news, because Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune. Jupiter is based in your home sector, a definite sign that whatever actions you are taking to improve the quality of your home or other property you own is appreciating its value in the market with every step you take.

If you are helping a family member, you will find the funds to enact your plan, whether the money comes from your savings or another family member who wants to contribute. The money could come from insurance, a bank loan, or from a government program meant to help families in their situation.

Make all your important moves early in the month because Mercury will go retrograde April 1 to April 25 in your third house of agreements, contracts, leases, and other important paperwork. If you are buying property, do not close the deal during Mercury retrograde. Be careful not to run up against April 1 at the end of the month either—that is playing things too close to Mercury’s backwards run. We always feel the approaching retrograde in advance—you will start to see delays, postponements, and so forth begin as early as March 18.

If you need any expensive products for the home—new furniture, a TV, a new stove, washer-drier, home security system, a computer, cell phone, or even a car—either buy it early in March, or delay the purchase to another glorious month—May.

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