Aquarius Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Aquarius

The fifth house also covers pregnancy, birth, and the care for children—actually, the ancient astrologers from Hellenistic time in Greece put the prime emphasis of this house on children. You may have had a baby or have spent a lot of time with your children during this time, perhaps by designing a special vacation that you could take together. If a new love relationship or children was not your focus, you might have been working hard on a creative project, for the fifth house covers your artistic, imaginative expressions, too. Mars will leave Gemini after a seven-month stay on March 25.

Before that happens, you have one special day for romance.

Note Saturday, March 11, when Mars in Gemini and his truelove Venus in Aries will be in perfect sync, making this a beautiful romantic date night for you and your one-and-only, or someone new.

Once Mars leaves Gemini, the Red Planet will move through Cancer, your work-a-day sixth house, from March 25 to May 20 this year. You may get a new job or assignment to invigorate your attention back to work, because at this time you will be all in and very busy. You may also recommit to fitness goals and feel as though you’d like to work out more.

Now let’s look at the full moon of March 7, which will appear in your financial eighth house. In the days surrounding this date, you may finish gathering up your receipts and list the amounts for your accountant, or because a full moon brings things to conclusion, you may finish your tax return and send it in. This is a very favorable full moon, for Uranus will play a big, friendly part by providing surprising financial news that thrills you. You may get a bigger than estimated tax refund, or more likely, you may sell property at quite a profit, or your family may surprise you with a financial gift, and that’s how you might see surprise money. One way or another, you seem really excited about how things turn out.

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