Aquarius Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Aquarius

Saturn will move to Pisces on March 7 and remain in your financial second house for the better part of three years, until February 2026. In that time, you will come to value the money you earn in a new way. Saturn often calls for a sacrifice in the near-term to get something bigger and better in the long-term. You will find ways to build for the future. For example, by ordering less take-out food and eating fewer dinners in restaurants, you may save up for a house or condo of your own. Other worthy goals would be to increase your credit rating, to learn not to rely on credit cards for quick cash but instead develop a relationship with your bank to borrow the funds when you need them. You will learn to find the best prices for big-ticket items, and at the same time, you also will look for quality so that you can use the item a long time with no need to replace it. You might regularly consult a financial adviser, a very good way to use this trend.

Will your company be more tightfisted, not offering you a raise or, if the firm does, only a meager one? Yes, that’s probably true, so if you change jobs, the salary you agree on will pretty much have to be the one you live with for the length of Saturn’s visit (until February 2026). No matter where you go, with Saturn in your second house, it will be harder to increase your income, but not impossible. Saturn will teach you to find clever ways to cut waste, to buy smartly, to delete Internet services you never use and forgot you ever signed up for, and perhaps to find ways to have a side hustle to add to your income.

Now let’s talk about Mars, for Mars is soon to change signs, too. For months, you have been one of the fortunate of all the signs because Mars has been enlivening your creative house. Mars went into Gemini, a darling place for Mars to be for you, on August 20 and has been in your fifth house of true love ever since. The fifth house rules the blush of first love, not marriage (that’s a different house), so if you are single, you may have had a very active social life ever since Mars entered Gemini. That’s not to say you didn’t have fun if you are married—you could have! The fifth house is a joyous house, where we relax and simply enjoy life.

It was unusual to see Mars spend such a long time in one sign (August 20 to March 25). Part of that time Mars went retrograde (October 30 to January 12), so you may have waffled about your feelings for the person you were dating during that time. If you were working on a creative project, you may have had to tweak it at some point during that time. When any planet retrogrades, we rethink and reconsider our feelings and possibly make change in the direction we want to take.

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