Aquarius Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

by Susan Miller

This really is a near-perfect new moon, however, there will be one thorny side to it. Saturn will be square the Sun and new moon from your house of income. There are many ways this could work out. You may be worried about the cost of attending (or giving) a beautiful event and need to scale back. Or you may want to do something special for your child but are concerned about the cost, such as if you are about to send your child to overnight camp or a new school when classes resume. Saturn has been making you very cost-conscious ever since March 2023 when he entered your second house of earned income. Saturn will remain in your salary and savings sector until February 2026.

Everyone of every sign gets this aspect every 29 years—you are in the process of being done with it! The good part is that you will eliminate waste, get more value from your money, negotiate more effectively, and be motivated to find new sources of income. If the expenditure is important to you, you will find the money to do it.

Now let’s talk about your home, which you seem to have been nearly obsessed about over the past year. Jupiter was visiting your home sector from May 2023 to May 2024, so you may have moved, renovated, refreshed your décor, made repairs, landscaped your property, or done other things to make your living experience quite wonderful. Alternatively, you may have been very focused on your mother or father and tried to be of assistance. That may have included finding an assisted living facility for an aging parent or simply helping box things up for them if they were moving to a new address. Or you may have found a new specialist to help your mother or father with a certain health concern.

If you are saying, “Wait! I am not finished! I have more to do on my apartment or to help my father! I lost Jupiter? Oh no!” Don’t be one bit concerned, dear Aquarius.

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