Aquarius Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

You’ve had Saturn in Aquarius since December 17, 2020, so you seem to others to be uncharacteristically serious most of the time. You have a great sense of humor, but you haven’t been showing it lately. Wearing all that black from head to toe has not been helping matters. You need to lighten up a little, dear Aquarius! June will help a lot! You will love it!

As you enter June, you just came through a marvelous new moon of May 30 in wildly compatible Gemini, 9 degrees, your fifth house of true love. This new moon will work hard for you in the weeks ahead, especially if you are single and hoping to meet someone new. You haven’t had many romantic aspects over the past months, but this one is as sweet as sugar, and it will be in play for at least six months.

The part I love about this new moon is that Jupiter and Mars both will support it—having the planet of good fortune and planet of action, respectively, both in Aries and working to your benefit is a big deal. Jupiter and Mars are both in your third house of short-distance travel, so this situation behooves you to rent a vacation home in the coming months that is located within a day’s drive from your home, such as the distance to Ojai from Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe from San Francisco, or the Hamptons or New Jersey shore near New York City. These are just a few examples of a perfect way to relax and still meet interesting people. If you are very lucky, you may be invited to the country house of a friend or relative.

If you are already attached, you will have more fun time together. Until now, you may have felt the two of you are running a home corporation with obligations to meet, checks to send out, and generally not much time for fun. This all changes now.

There is something else I would like to point out. Mars is about to spend an enormous amount of time lighting your fifth house of true love. That will start on August 20 and run all the way until March 25, 2023. Watch what comes up in the coming weeks, for the emphasis you see surfacing may take on much bigger proportions later, starting in late August. The fifth house rules romantic true love and romance, and also pregnancy and birth, as well as the care of children you might have now. Your children may become a big focus in the months to come.

Your fifth house, where so much attention will be, also covers your creative activity whether performed at work, if you are paid for your good taste, ideas, and originality, or at home during your private time, working passionately on a personal project while honing your skills. I feel the news and subsequent activity that surfaces now in early June could be a reliable precursor of what’s to come later in the year. As you go about your daily rounds, notice what is coming up this month, especially during in the first two weeks of June.

Jupiter in your solar third house, touring Aries, might also bring benefits through your sibling or cousin—listen to their ideas and perhaps their advice. Alternatively, you may work in a business or buy property together or plan a family event, such as an anniversary party for you parents that will draw the entire clan together to celebrate.

You just came through a marvelous new moon of May 30 in your house of true love. You haven’t had many romantic aspects over the past months, but this one is as sweet as sugar.

With Jupiter in your third house, you may be able to publish your work or do well with publicity. If you are a writer or have something newsworthy, don’t be shy—tell the world about it. I have an Aquarian friend who is working on a book. He has a demanding regular job but lately has been focused hard on his book on weekends and nights. Perfect—this is his year—and it’s your year, too, for Aquarians to have great critical reviews of their work. The is the first time in 12 years that you have hosted Jupiter in your third house of communication, and you will have him for the better part of many months, until mid-May 2023. Make this trend work for you.

Jupiter and Mars are in fire-sign Aries (your third house), and the new moon of May 30 was in air (Gemini), and fire and air are very compatible elements to your air-sign of Aquarius. Air makes fire burn more brightly, so these aspects seem tailor-made for you. If you are offered a contract to sign—very possible, because the third house rules agreements—be sure to wait until June 3, the date Mercury goes forward. You may already be feeling the pace of life picking up, being a bit swifter, making you very happy!

If possible, I would like you to sign in the first week of June (directly on or just after June 3). Mars and Jupiter made a decisive conjunction on May 29, and these two planets are still orbiting close enough for you to use the golden vibrations they set off by that conjunction. This is a rare aspect—Jupiter and Mars only meet on one day every two years and always in a different sign (house) of the horoscope. As you see, this conjunction is special, so try to make an initiative in the first week of June (starting June 3). When you have Jupiter and Mars joining forces, actions lead to profits.

Now let’s talk about your home situation, for you just came through two eclipses, April 30, and May 15, which may have brought sweeping changes to your home, your work life, or both. As a fixed sign, you don’t normally see the need for change (that is how you are wired), but those eclipses were in Taurus and Scorpio, signs that are not particularly compatible with your Aquarius Sun. Eclipses in these signs will keep coming until change occurs. More eclipses in these two signs are due October 25 (Scorpio, to possibly affect your career) and November 8 in Taurus (pointing to property matters).

The November 8 eclipse will be a very difficult one, so I would like you to make needed changes before you get closer to November. Two more eclipses in these same signs will arrive in May and October 2023, but the hard one will be November 8, 2022. If you don’t make needed changes, the universe will make those changes for you, but it is better if you retain the control. If you don’t need to make changes in regard to property, you may be very focused on the care of an aging parent and finding solutions as your parent needs more help. The eclipses set off the trend on home and family, as well as career developments.

Now this month, the new moon of May 30 will provide a light, sunny, and breezy emphasis to encourage love.

Consider giving a party at home on Saturday, June 11, when Venus will conjoin Uranus. It would be quite a hit. If you are single, ask different friends to invite someone they’d like you to meet. On this bewitching evening, you could feel a thunderclap of energy when you meet someone you’d definitely like to know better. The caveat is that you must give your party at home, not at a club or restaurant—romantic Venus and surprising Uranus will meet in your home sector. If attached, decide to whip up a dinner for your one-and-only using a recipe you know your partner loves. Perhaps the both of you could cook together, making magical fun.

The full moon of June 14 will be in Sagittarius, 23 degrees, and light your eleventh house of friendship, fun, and time with groups and charities. It is a house that spreads joy, so you may have a big event to look forward to within days of June 14. You may be going to an industry convention and looking forward to seeing colleagues you’ve not seen in two years. You would make new associations too, while you learn about your industry. Alternatively, you may be going to a personal event, like a wedding, over the weekend of June 11-12 or June 18-19. Of course, things can happen during the week too, closer to June 14.

Saturn will be friendly to this full moon, solidifying your actions and seeing that you create long-term gains from your actions. Neptune, however, will be in hard angle to both the full moon and Sun, but in your case, that “square” to the Sun and full moon might encourage compassion for those less fortunate and give you the impetus to get involved with a charity that is dear to your heart. Although other signs might have problems with this movement of Neptune, I feel your moves to help others will make you the exception. (Neptune rules unconditional love and compassion for those who suffer.)

As the month draws near to its end, a new moon will appear on June 28 in Cancer, 7 degrees. That new moon will bring lots of activity to your work life, so you will have to divert your attention away from fun and romance to more practical matters. If you are out of work, this new moon will help you find a job similar to the one you had previously. It won’t be a step up, and that may be fine with you. Sometimes it is simply nice to have a job. For some, changes at home, such as a move to a new location or care for a newborn baby, can be exhausting, so that would not be the time to take on new challenges. If you do want a step up professionally, that would likely come in November, but with a wild and wooly eclipse due there, it might be best to wait until May 2023.

Right now, you would find exceptional opportunity in industries that cater to food and shelter—restaurants, food shops, hospitality (hotels), home decorating, and kitchen supplies, as well as anything having to do with little babies—supplies for them, toys, and cute little onesies and other clothes. Cancer (the place of the new moon) is also associated with finance, so if that’s your specialty, you may be able to find good work in that field. It’s also possible that you work for a family business or will decide to enter your family’s company this month. There’s plenty of opportunity there.

A new season is about to start up, and this new moon might also nudge you to get more exercise. This new moon of June 28, falling in your sixth house, rules, in addition to work opportunities, all the proactive steps you take to stay healthy. This new moon can give you the motivation to get more active, lean, and fit. A new moon starts a trend, so this would be the perfect time to start your program. Also look into getting more nutrition by eating more healthfully.

While you are thinking about strengthening your health, schedule a medical exam for July, and include a visit to the dentist and eye doctor. I know you are busy—after all, you have a new moon in your sixth house generating work and possibly a new job—but spending a little time in the doctor’s office can save or extend your life. If you have a condition, you can also nip a problem in the bud and have a much better chance of beating it.


You’ve had to focus much attention on home and family recently, as well as on changes happening in your career, so you need a break. The universe agrees—fun, happiness, and love will be on the agenda with the advent of the new moon that just appeared on May 30 last month. That new moon was strong and sweet and will work hard to bring more love into your life. Watch the days and weeks that will follow in June. If you are single, with a new moon in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, you may become interested in two fascinating romantic interests. If you are trying for a baby, covered by this same house of true love, you may find you ARE having twins.

Last month Mercury was retrograde from May 10 and was retrograding partly in your truelove sector and partly in your home sector—Mercury will go direct on June 3. In love, an old flame may have contacted you recently to see if you wanted to make a another go of your relationship, or show you that you should move on. That decision is up to you, but know that now, with the new moon, you’ll get more opportunities to meet new people.

If you were hoping to have a baby but are having problems with conception, see a fertility doctor now. With Jupiter and Mars traveling together, and both in fine angle to the Sun and new moon, you have reason for hope.

In keeping with the highly social theme of the month that the universe has prepared for you, you may have a dressy event that will bring many friends and acquaintances together within five days of June 14. You may have to travel a short distance to attend, but this would certainly be worth the trip. Guests at this event may be emanating from several foreign countries, so the conversation bubbling up would be fascinating.

By the time you come to near the end of the month, June 28, the new moon in Cancer will call your attention back to work you need to do. There will be lot of projects to dig into, and you will rely strongly on your intuition and nurturing instincts to make your assignment a winner. If you are self-employed, you’ll be happy to see new work flowing in. You like to be busy and learn new things, so this new moon’s influence of June 28 will please you.

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