Aquarius Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

Right now, you would find exceptional opportunity in industries that cater to food and shelter—restaurants, food shops, hospitality (hotels), home decorating, and kitchen supplies, as well as anything having to do with little babies—supplies for them, toys, and cute little onesies and other clothes. Cancer (the place of the new moon) is also associated with finance, so if that’s your specialty, you may be able to find good work in that field. It’s also possible that you work for a family business or will decide to enter your family’s company this month. There’s plenty of opportunity there.

A new season is about to start up, and this new moon might also nudge you to get more exercise. This new moon of June 28, falling in your sixth house, rules, in addition to work opportunities, all the proactive steps you take to stay healthy. This new moon can give you the motivation to get more active, lean, and fit. A new moon starts a trend, so this would be the perfect time to start your program. Also look into getting more nutrition by eating more healthfully.

While you are thinking about strengthening your health, schedule a medical exam for July, and include a visit to the dentist and eye doctor. I know you are busy—after all, you have a new moon in your sixth house generating work and possibly a new job—but spending a little time in the doctor’s office can save or extend your life. If you have a condition, you can also nip a problem in the bud and have a much better chance of beating it.

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