Aquarius Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

The full moon of June 14 will be in Sagittarius, 23 degrees, and light your eleventh house of friendship, fun, and time with groups and charities. It is a house that spreads joy, so you may have a big event to look forward to within days of June 14. You may be going to an industry convention and looking forward to seeing colleagues you’ve not seen in two years. You would make new associations too, while you learn about your industry. Alternatively, you may be going to a personal event, like a wedding, over the weekend of June 11-12 or June 18-19. Of course, things can happen during the week too, closer to June 14.

Saturn will be friendly to this full moon, solidifying your actions and seeing that you create long-term gains from your actions. Neptune, however, will be in hard angle to both the full moon and Sun, but in your case, that “square” to the Sun and full moon might encourage compassion for those less fortunate and give you the impetus to get involved with a charity that is dear to your heart. Although other signs might have problems with this movement of Neptune, I feel your moves to help others will make you the exception. (Neptune rules unconditional love and compassion for those who suffer.)

As the month draws near to its end, a new moon will appear on June 28 in Cancer, 7 degrees. That new moon will bring lots of activity to your work life, so you will have to divert your attention away from fun and romance to more practical matters. If you are out of work, this new moon will help you find a job similar to the one you had previously. It won’t be a step up, and that may be fine with you. Sometimes it is simply nice to have a job. For some, changes at home, such as a move to a new location or care for a newborn baby, can be exhausting, so that would not be the time to take on new challenges. If you do want a step up professionally, that would likely come in November, but with a wild and wooly eclipse due there, it might be best to wait until May 2023.

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