Aquarius Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

Now let’s talk about your home situation, for you just came through two eclipses, April 30, and May 15, which may have brought sweeping changes to your home, your work life, or both. As a fixed sign, you don’t normally see the need for change (that is how you are wired), but those eclipses were in Taurus and Scorpio, signs that are not particularly compatible with your Aquarius Sun. Eclipses in these signs will keep coming until change occurs. More eclipses in these two signs are due October 25 (Scorpio, to possibly affect your career) and November 8 in Taurus (pointing to property matters).

The November 8 eclipse will be a very difficult one, so I would like you to make needed changes before you get closer to November. Two more eclipses in these same signs will arrive in May and October 2023, but the hard one will be November 8, 2022. If you don’t make needed changes, the universe will make those changes for you, but it is better if you retain the control. If you don’t need to make changes in regard to property, you may be very focused on the care of an aging parent and finding solutions as your parent needs more help. The eclipses set off the trend on home and family, as well as career developments.

Now this month, the new moon of May 30 will provide a light, sunny, and breezy emphasis to encourage love.

Consider giving a party at home on Saturday, June 11, when Venus will conjoin Uranus. It would be quite a hit. If you are single, ask different friends to invite someone they’d like you to meet. On this bewitching evening, you could feel a thunderclap of energy when you meet someone you’d definitely like to know better. The caveat is that you must give your party at home, not at a club or restaurant—romantic Venus and surprising Uranus will meet in your home sector. If attached, decide to whip up a dinner for your one-and-only using a recipe you know your partner loves. Perhaps the both of you could cook together, making magical fun.

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