Aquarius Horoscope for June 2021

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JUNE 2021

Dear Reader,

Just when I thought I could not cry any more than I already had, more tears came. I want to thank you for your kind messages of condolences that you sent me on social media concerning the passing of my beloved former husband, Don H Miller. Don and I had remained close throughout time—I met Don when I was 23 and married him when I was 25. Many of you saw our wedding photograph and other photographs that I posted on Instagram and Twitter @astrologyzone (I use the same name on both platforms). They are on Facebook, too. There are different photos of Don Miller with our daughters, Chrissie and Diana. Most show them when they were little, on their own Instagram accounts @Chrissie Miller and @DianaLMiller (Diana has a middle initial “L”).

Don had formed a strong fatherly bond with both Chrissie and Diana, and they adored their father. We all have been in mourning ever since Don passed away in May .We had a touching memorial service for Don on May 24. We all loved his gentle, kind, and loving ways, his sense of humor, and strong, curious intellect. I still cannot believe he is gone.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

June could become your favorite month of 2021, better than your previous months so far this year. Ever since Mars entered your work-a-day sector in the third week of April, you’ve been concentrating hard on assignments. They seem to keep coming too, almost as if on an assembly line. Mars will leave soon, though, on June 11, when Mars will enter Leo, your seventh house, ruling your spouse, steady sweetheart, and committed partners at work.

That’s when you’ll be able to lavish more time on your mate or steady love, who may have felt like he or she was playing second fiddle to your work-related duties, which have been heavy lately. A strong romantic relationship will grow closer and stronger under this trend simply because you will have more time for one another. Some readers will get engaged or wed and be busy with the planning.

Part of the job of Mars is to bring to the surface any debris that is lurking underneath and bring it up to daylight—to cleanse and improve it so it will not fester. There may be a sticking point with your partner that never seems to get resolved, but you will need to get to an answer now. There might not be an old matter, but rather, something new that needs to be discussed. Mars will give you from June 11 until July 29 to sort things out.

If Mars finds nothing, it means there is nothing to fix, and you won’t notice any discussions coming up. Keep in mind that Mars will also look at your close committed relationships at work, such as with your business partner, agent, manager, publicist, advertising director, marketing director, producer, events manager, head of digital development, your lawyer, accountant, and other collaborators with whom you may have a formal contract. If one of those persons is working at cross purposes to your effort or not pulling their own weight, you will need to figure out a way to fix the situation or give up and call it quits.

On a general day-to-day experience, having Mars in Leo, six signs away from Aquarius, means that groupthink will rule the day. Don’t try to gain control—it won’t work. This is only temporary, and it’s possible the group will suggest very good ideas. In fact, you might find it agreeable not to have to make all the decisions yourself. Let others air their opinions, and give them the space to explain their ideas fully. Even if you don’t like their theories, you might get a gram of a thought that you can use and ask the group to give it a twist that will be more workable to the situation. I love brainstorming with a team, and maybe you do, too.

Mercury will be retrograde as you enter this month, and it won’t go direct until June 22—Mercury started to retrograde on May 29. You began feeling the slowdown that Mercury brings far ahead of May 29 as frustrations started to build ten days beforehand. I know I said you will like June—and you will, even with Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde can drive us all crazy with postponements, cancellations, reversed decisions, forgetfulness, and computer problems. This time, Mercury will retrograde in your fifth house of love and social fun, so you may run into old friends you’ve not seen in ages, and you may even hear from an old flame you still care for—you might be able to re-ignite things now.

The eclipses, which appear in pairs every six months, are now back, and you experienced the first one on May 26, operative until May 1. Your attention was drawn to a friend, and if your friend was going through a tough patch, you might have been moved to help her. This was a full moon lunar eclipse—usually pointing to a female—and full moons tend to be emotional because they mark endings.

I am excited about the outcome of this full moon June 24 because Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will send dazzling rays to this full moon. Jupiter is associated with profits, financial gain, large expansion, good fortune, luxury, and happiness. Work on your project, dear Aquarius.

With eclipses, so much depends on how things were going prior to the eclipse, for if they were out of alignment, the eclipse will provide a floodlight of information to make the friendship clear—if you were betrayed for some time, you found out last month. This is just one example of how things might have played out. By now you know how that eclipse affected you.

The next one, happening this month, will be a new moon solar eclipse June 10 in Gemini at 20 degrees. It will join the Sun and Mercury, also in Gemini, in your fifth house of true love. Solar eclipses are not emotional like lunar eclipses. In fact, a solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids, and it will open a door and bring opportunity. I love that Saturn, the planet that brings longevity to situations, now in Aquarius, will send strong friendly vibrations to the eclipsed Sun, new moon, and Mercury all in Gemini. The fact that Mercury is well-aspected is important because it is the planet that rules Gemini—this points to a happy outcome.

If you are single, you have a good chance of being introduced to someone new and interesting. You are most likely to meet that person in a social setting, not in the office. With an eclipse in the double-bodied sign of Gemini, you might meet two romantic interests this month.

Conception and birth are covered by the fifth house too, so if you have hoped for a baby, this powerful eclipse could make that dream a reality. (If you are not ready for a baby, be careful.)

Another possible bonus connected with your fifth house is that your creativity would be stimulated. If you are artistic or paid for your ideas, you may knock a client over with your brilliant ideas. Have confidence! The product you work on might require you to come up with written or spoken words.

All Aquarians will likely love this new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. If your birthday falls on February 9, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of pleasure. The same is true if you have Aquarius rising 20 degrees or your natal moon in that sign and degree, plus or minus five degrees. Also, look to see if you have any natal planets in your chart in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 20 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, because that planet will light up brilliantly.

Now let’s turn to the full moon in Capricorn, June 24 (not an eclipse), which will be one of the sweetest full moons of the year. This full moon will light your twelfth house of privacy. This can be a highly creative part of the chart, provided you work alone, behind closed doors, and screen out people who just love to call you but unfortunately use up too much of your time. You need to unplug your phone. If you have to write a report, manuscript, screenplay, or business plan, this full moon will be your friend. You might finish a presentation for a blockbuster advertising campaign, judge a contest, put the finishing touch on the lyrics to a group of songs for an album, or do anything else that is creative and requires a great deal of concentration.

I am excited about the outcome of this full moon because Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will send dazzling rays to this full moon. Jupiter is associated with profits, financial gain, large expansion, good fortune, luxury, and happiness. Work on your project, dear Aquarius.

What if you don’t have a project? Then treat yourself to a massage, facial, or a great day at the salon with a new haircut or color—the idea is to treat yourself to an experience that is luxurious and makes you feel pampered. You may be a little tired from putting out so much effort on an assignment you were given leading up to this day, so give yourself a little time to take things slowly in the last week of June. It will be a wonderful way to end the month.


Life is changing for you in just about all the right ways. The eclipses are back, and that means important changes are in the air. Eclipses arrive every six months and are some of the most powerful events that the universe sets in motion.

You just recently experienced the first one, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 that brought news about a friendship into focus. Saturn was supportive to that full moon, so you may have felt the urge to help a good friend who might need your cheer and perhaps a measure of financial support. If not, then it might be that the situation was reversed—one of your close friends came to your aid, and her efforts for you likely touched your heart. This eclipse was well positioned, so the news or outcome should have been positive.

Eclipses show us truth, so if a friend has not been the supporter you assumed she was, you may have a falling out. (I say “she” because the eclipse was a lunar eclipse, usually pointing to a woman, not a man.) It is always better to know the truth than not know it, even if the truth is shocking or painful. If this is the way things played out for you, this friend may have been “eclipsed” out of your life. This is one example of what might have come up—by now, though, you know how things worked out.

Now we come to the second eclipse, a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini due June 10. This is a fantastic eclipse for you, for it will enrich your personal life in magical ways. Saturn will keep a watchful eye on all that occurs and bring you gifts of long-lasting benefits to events and new relationships that might occur after this new moon appears in the days, weeks, and months to come.

If you are single and hoping to meet someone new, this eclipse could make a fateful meeting happen. You would likely meet in a social setting. If you are attached, you will get more attention from your partner—always good news—and if you are serious about your steady, an engagement or marriage may result soon. (Wait until after June 22 when Mercury is done being retrograde.)

If you are hoping for a baby, this new moon solar eclipse June 10 is powerful enough to create the right environment for the stork to deliver a bundle of joy straight to your home.

Saturn is in Aquarius for the first time in 29 years and is urging you to plan for the future. Saturn urges you to accept new responsibilities that only a few years ago would have been beyond your ability to handle. Now you are ready to take them on. Saturn will expect you to work with him, without distraction, to take on goals that later you will say you are most proud to have achieved in your life. You are now in the process of building a foundation for a more stable future life.

Jupiter has been in Aquarius too, but has temporarily moved out of your sign and into Pisces. Don’t be sad—Jupiter is working to help you see a major increase in income from your past efforts. This planet of good fortune is currently residing in your second house of earned income and will reward you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. If you are self-employed, you can generate new sources of income by July. Jupiter will leave Pisces July 28 but re-enter this sign on December 28, 2021, and will stay for months in 2022. As you see, when it comes to money, your outlook is spectacular. Jupiter has not been in Pisces for 12 years!

Plant the seeds while Jupiter is in Aquarius, July 28 to December 28, and Jupiter will give you a second chance at your financial bonanza in the first five months of 2022, when Jupiter returns to Pisces. Jupiter will make a final visit to Pisces, your second financial house, at the end of 2022, from October 28 to December 20, 2022. Draw up goals, and rich financial rewards will come to you next year.

The full moon on June 24 will be the ideal time to treat yourself to private, quiet time with the one you love. It could work out to be a great time to take a highly romantic vacation, and you need not travel far from home. Beg off social commitments, and take a quick weekend in the mountains where there is lush vegetation.

If you are single, go to a resort where singles go to unwind. Pack your best casual wear, for you could have a conversation with a new person you will want to get to know better.

If you are married, book a romantic dinner for two in a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Make it special. If you go away, bring your children along, too—they will keep you laughing and happy no matter what their age. Ask ahead of time if you can book a babysitter (if your children are young) so that you can have that private dinner with your mate. This full moon will be sweet as sugar, one of the best of 2021.

By the end of June, you will be precisely the middle of 2021, with six months under your belt and another six months ahead. You might want to consider how things are going for you, and what you’d like to see in the coming six months. Withdraw from your usual setting to plan your second half of 2021. Being alone will help you think clearly. Thinking about what you want first will make your actions later more successful and purposeful.

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