Aquarius Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


Life is changing for you in just about all the right ways. The eclipses are back, and that means important changes are in the air. Eclipses arrive every six months and are some of the most powerful events that the universe sets in motion.

You just recently experienced the first one, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 that brought news about a friendship into focus. Saturn was supportive to that full moon, so you may have felt the urge to help a good friend who might need your cheer and perhaps a measure of financial support. If not, then it might be that the situation was reversed—one of your close friends came to your aid, and her efforts for you likely touched your heart. This eclipse was well positioned, so the news or outcome should have been positive.

Eclipses show us truth, so if a friend has not been the supporter you assumed she was, you may have a falling out. (I say “she” because the eclipse was a lunar eclipse, usually pointing to a woman, not a man.) It is always better to know the truth than not know it, even if the truth is shocking or painful. If this is the way things played out for you, this friend may have been “eclipsed” out of your life. This is one example of what might have come up—by now, though, you know how things worked out.

Now we come to the second eclipse, a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini due June 10. This is a fantastic eclipse for you, for it will enrich your personal life in magical ways. Saturn will keep a watchful eye on all that occurs and bring you gifts of long-lasting benefits to events and new relationships that might occur after this new moon appears in the days, weeks, and months to come.

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