Aquarius Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On a general day-to-day experience, having Mars in Leo, six signs away from Aquarius, means that groupthink will rule the day. Don’t try to gain control—it won’t work. This is only temporary, and it’s possible the group will suggest very good ideas. In fact, you might find it agreeable not to have to make all the decisions yourself. Let others air their opinions, and give them the space to explain their ideas fully. Even if you don’t like their theories, you might get a gram of a thought that you can use and ask the group to give it a twist that will be more workable to the situation. I love brainstorming with a team, and maybe you do, too.

Mercury will be retrograde as you enter this month, and it won’t go direct until June 22—Mercury started to retrograde on May 29. You began feeling the slowdown that Mercury brings far ahead of May 29 as frustrations started to build ten days beforehand. I know I said you will like June—and you will, even with Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde can drive us all crazy with postponements, cancellations, reversed decisions, forgetfulness, and computer problems. This time, Mercury will retrograde in your fifth house of love and social fun, so you may run into old friends you’ve not seen in ages, and you may even hear from an old flame you still care for—you might be able to re-ignite things now.

The eclipses, which appear in pairs every six months, are now back, and you experienced the first one on May 26, operative until May 1. Your attention was drawn to a friend, and if your friend was going through a tough patch, you might have been moved to help her. This was a full moon lunar eclipse—usually pointing to a female—and full moons tend to be emotional because they mark endings.

I am excited about the outcome of this full moon June 24 because Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will send dazzling rays to this full moon. Jupiter is associated with profits, financial gain, large expansion, good fortune, luxury, and happiness. Work on your project, dear Aquarius.

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