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Happy New Year.

The day after Christmas I came down with terrible cold, so I spent the holidays inside recuperating and am now starting to feel better. I was so relived and grateful it was not COVID. Because I love to cook, I had made a big batch of chicken soup with many vegetables two months ago, and I have been living on that all week. I am so glad I have it.

I am excited to be back out at public events to speak and meet new people and reconnect with the ones I’ve met over the years. Unfortunately, because I’ve been sick, I had to cancel a few January appearances, including the special one on January 7 in Dallas, which is now rescheduled for February 18 in Dallas from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM with a lunch afterwards. At lunch I’ll be available to talk one-on-one and answer any questions you have. The topic will be the Year Ahead 2023, and I am honored to give the keynote speech

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Your January Horoscope for Aquarius

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It is such a pleasure writing your horoscope these days. You have so much going for you. This month will start slowly, as the month prior to your birthday usually does. The ancient astrologers always felt that the month prior was a time to think about what you’d like to achieve in the coming birthday year. You may want to shuffle your priorities, add some goals, and maybe delete others that no longer interest you. Just the act of writing down a short little list is very effective in helping you realize your dreams.

Mars has been spending lots of time in your truelove sector—your fifth house—and if you are single, this energy planet has been giving you a superb chance to meet someone new since August 20. If you are attached, Mars will continue to give you a chance to grow closer. If you say that things have not been smooth lately, it’s because Mars went retrograde on October 30, but the good news is that Mars will go direct this month on January 12.

In many ways, I feel the coming months, from January 12 to March 25, will be the very best period for you to enjoy love. (Mars will remain in Gemini, your truelove sector until March 25.) At the start of this trend, Mars would go progressively slower until he shut down completely on October 30. Now, after January 12 with the Mars retrograde behind us, not to return for two years, your outlook is bright. No planet instantly snaps back into shape. It takes time for a planet to ramp up to its previous strength. Still, it will be a relief for the planet to finally be moving forward.

The fifth house rules more than new love and the warmth of present love. It also rules pregnancy and birth and the care for children (no matter what their age). With such a strong emphasis on this house, if you hope for a baby, this would be the right time to start trying. If you need to see a fertility doctor, do so after the glorious new moon appears in Aquarius on January 21.

If you have children, this will be a great time to plan something special with them—a trip, an outing, a little party—so that you can build a memory together.

The fifth house, being so strongly emphasized, also rules your original and artistic ideas. Your creativity will bloom under this trend, so by all means spend time working on a project that is meaningful to you—one that you are passionate about. Mars typically spends six weeks in a sign, but in total he will spend seven months in your fifth house of true love, creativity, and children. The next time Mars will spend such a long time in Gemini will be from October 2037 to April 2038, but Mars will spend part of his time in Taurus. This is a rare opportunity and needs your cooperation—take a step to take advantage!

Speaking of retrogrades, little clever Mercury, planet of communication, travel, and agreements, went retrograde on December 29 but will go direct this month on January 18. Knowing this, avoid signing a contract or buying any electronic equipment until after January 18. As I pointed out in regard to Mars, no planet normalizes instantly but needs time to ramp up to speed, so don’t jump on January 18 to start signing papers or buying new electronic equipment for any area of your house or workplace. Wait another few days.

What area of your life would you like to improve, dear Aquarius? At the new moon January 21 in Aquarius, the universe is standing behind you and listening to the whispers of your heart.

More good news: Dear Aquarius, your ruling planet Uranus has been retrograde since August 24 but will go direct on January 22. (The new moon in Aquarius, which I will talk about later, is due January 21.) If you feel as through you’ve been walking through glue and not making progress, now you know why. All that changes for the better this month.

Now let’s look at the month’s full and new moons.

The full moon will occur on January 6 in Cancer at 16 degrees. This will light your house of daily projects, so it looks like as soon as you get back to work, you will need to wrap up and ship a finished assignment. Full moons tend to bring things to culmination, so if it’s not a work project, you may need to deal with a staffing situation. If your assistant is leaving, you may suddenly realize you have to hire someone new. Wait until later in the month—you need to get through the retrogrades.

Still, this full moon is positive. Uranus, the planet of surprise, will send a perfect beam to both the Sun and new moon. You may get a new assignment approved and may be collaborating with another teammate. This is a really good full moon.

I will ask you to keep your immunity strong. A full moon in your sixth house (where this new moon will appear) can bring on a bad cold, even with good aspects. You have a lot going on, and you won’t want to be stuck in bed. Take good care of yourself.

Now let’s move to the glorious new moon of January 21 in Aquarius, 2 degrees. This is your annual birthday gift from a loving universe. Usually, I tell you how to use a new moon, how to direct its energy. However, this one will be the only new moon of the year where you have a choice. What area of your life would you like to improve, dear Aquarius? A love relationship? A baby? A job that values your creativity? A new apartment or house? The universe is standing behind you and listening to the whispers of your heart.

The part I love about this new moon is that Jupiter in Aries will be perfectly positioned to beam gold dust over you. This may result in a fun trip with a touch of luxury or special help from a sister, brother, or cousin.

Jupiter and the Sun will be perfectly aligned on January 24, a shimmering day for you. If you sign a contract, do it on January 24.

If your birthday falls within days of January 21, you will get a double dip of luck. Or if you have Aquarius rising 2 degrees or your natal moon in Aquarius at 2 degrees, you will feel the glow, too. Also, if you have a natal planet close to 2 degrees Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you, too, will do especially well under this new moon.

As the month winds down to the last weekend, January 28-29, Mars, in a gorgeous trine (heavenly aspect) to the Sun from your truelove sector, may have you taking a romantic getaway with the one you love. This weekend is made for you.

Romance will continue to heat up for you in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day!


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As you return to work after the holidays, it seems you have a project that needs fine tuning before you put your seal of approval on it. Your aim will be to wrap and ship to the client by Friday January 6, the date of the full moon. This is to be your deadline, and you may be able to get an extension to Monday, January 9, but that’s as far as you will be able to go (even so, January 6 will be a more favorable date for you). At this full moon, Uranus, your ruler, will be sprinkling surprises in regard to your work project—vibrations will be positive and friendly. It appears that coming back after getting some rest over the holidays has given you fresh eyes as you look over that project, perhaps changing some of the previous work done, improving the project with unique and memorable details that will give it special sparkle.

At the same time, as you enter January, keep your strength up, for you may have lowered your resistance to cold and flu due to the strong socializing you did just a few weeks ago. Take all steps to stay healthy, and if you feel sniffles coming on, make it a point to get rest during the first weekend of January. With the Sun traveling through your twelfth house, it seems you need to shore up your energy by having more peaceful sleep and solitude.

Mercury will be retrograde as you start January, a trend that started December 29 and will last until January 18 when Mercury will turn direct. This means as you enter the month, aside from finishing up a project by January 6, the general feeling of the start of the month will be leisurely. The pace will pick up by the second half of the month, for not only will Mercury go direct on January 18, just as importantly, Uranus, your ruler (giving Uranus special stature in your chart), which has been retrograde since August 24, will go direct on January 22.

We can’t forget that Mars, the energy planet, has also been retrograde since October 30 but will be another power planet to go direct, January 12. It will take all retrograde planets time to ramp up to speed, but the point is, all three planets will be moving in the right direction, and so will you.

Mars is just where you want him to be—in your house of true love. While Mars has been retrograde since October 30, your feelings may have waffled about your sweetheart. You may have wondered if you should stay or go. If you have not decided, wait until the end of the month when the answer may become clearer.

Now let’s turn to your work life. If you have been unemployed, you are among many people in the same situation. If you had difficulty finding work in November and December, that may have been a blessing in disguise—taking a new position with three main planets retrograde would not have been favorable to start an important venture or new job. As you will soon see, life is about to get better and better for you now.

The new moon of January 21 in Aquarius may be your best moment of all. This new moon will be your annual birthday gift, to use its powerful energy in any way you please. You only get one new moon a year in your own sign. Know precisely what you hope to achieve and take steps, small ones if necessary, to get closer to your goal.

Mars will be in an ideal angle to that new moon and Sun, opening a gateway to new love, or if you have already found your North Star, then you can grow closer and deeper in love. If having a baby is the wish that is dear to your heart, this new moon can help you accomplish that dream—see a fertility doctor this month if you have had problems with pregnancy. This new moon will help all phases of your life, but especially in regard to love and affection and children in your life, and if you are artistic, it will bring you opportunity to your deep need to express your creativity.

Venus will spend nearly the entire month in Aquarius, from January 2 to 26. Within this period, one of your best days will be January 4 when Venus will receive a visit from Jupiter, a day perfect for a romantic trip together, if you still are on Christmas holiday.

Your next sparkly day will be January 9, a Monday, but you will feel the growing energy of this date over the preceding weekend, January 7-8. Venus in Aquarius will receive messages from her lover Mars in Gemini, a gorgeous time to experience a romantic episode fit for the movies.

Avoid Saturday, January 14, for a romantic meeting—nothing will go right, and you have your ruler Uranus to blame. Instead, put a star on the weekend of January 28-29, for with the Sun in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini, your house of true love, it should be heavenly for romance and fun.

Plan a romantic getaway for the weekend of January 28-29—you won’t regret making the time to go. You will weave a memory of golden threads that will live within you, possibly forever.

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