Aquarius Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Aquarius


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As you return to work after the holidays, it seems you have a project that needs fine tuning before you put your seal of approval on it. Your aim will be to wrap and ship to the client by Friday January 6, the date of the full moon. This is to be your deadline, and you may be able to get an extension to Monday, January 9, but that’s as far as you will be able to go (even so, January 6 will be a more favorable date for you). At this full moon, Uranus, your ruler, will be sprinkling surprises in regard to your work project—vibrations will be positive and friendly. It appears that coming back after getting some rest over the holidays has given you fresh eyes as you look over that project, perhaps changing some of the previous work done, improving the project with unique and memorable details that will give it special sparkle.

At the same time, as you enter January, keep your strength up, for you may have lowered your resistance to cold and flu due to the strong socializing you did just a few weeks ago. Take all steps to stay healthy, and if you feel sniffles coming on, make it a point to get rest during the first weekend of January. With the Sun traveling through your twelfth house, it seems you need to shore up your energy by having more peaceful sleep and solitude.

Mercury will be retrograde as you start January, a trend that started December 29 and will last until January 18 when Mercury will turn direct. This means as you enter the month, aside from finishing up a project by January 6, the general feeling of the start of the month will be leisurely. The pace will pick up by the second half of the month, for not only will Mercury go direct on January 18, just as importantly, Uranus, your ruler (giving Uranus special stature in your chart), which has been retrograde since August 24, will go direct on January 22.

We can’t forget that Mars, the energy planet, has also been retrograde since October 30 but will be another power planet to go direct, January 12. It will take all retrograde planets time to ramp up to speed, but the point is, all three planets will be moving in the right direction, and so will you.

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