Aquarius Horoscope for January 2022

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January 2022

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! This will be a much better year than 2020 and its twin, 2021. You have so much to look forward to this year! Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, just entered Pisces a few days ago on December 29. Jupiter will stay in Pisces until May 10, giving all the water signs and the earth signs reason to cheer.

After May 10, Jupiter will enter Aries, to stay until October 27, and then retreat back to Pisces for a second shot at luck, until December 20, 2022. After December 20, Jupiter will be back to Aries, to stay until May 2023! This will give Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius amazing good fortune. As you see EVERYONE has reason to be excited about the New Year. Everyone will be receiving chocolates from Jupiter.

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Your January Horoscope for Aquarius

January will be a soft, quiet month, when you will have time to reflect on what you need to do in the coming months of 2022. Planets are stacking up in your twelfth house of solitude and rest. The tempo of the month may suit you, though, for the Christmas holidays were likely quite social for you, and with all the hustle-bustle of the holidays, you may find the peaceful pace quite your cup of tea.

The twelfth house, where the new moon of January 2 in Capricorn, 12 degrees, is falling, is associated with healing and health. This area of the chart also rules your subconscious mind and is an exceptionally supportive new moon for delving into feelings—for instance news reports about the people who are suffering from anxiety and depression from the pandemic. It was reported on the news that some patients are exhausted by making tough decisions on a daily basis and are still being asked to plan for the future. (“Should I send my child to school now that the virus is spiking or keep him home? Should I seek a better job? But what if I have to keep my child home, how can I work?”) The past two years required so many judgments and decisions that just having to think about what to have for lunch is almost enough to put you over the edge.

These are just examples, but if you have felt stress and are thinking of seeing a professional therapist, do so this month, for the new moon of January 2 will exert a strong flow for weeks to come, for as much as six months into the future.

Uranus, planet of surprise will be beautifully oriented to this new moon and Sun. Uranus is the planet of unexpected developments (this time, they will be happy ones), so if you do see a therapist, you could have a Eureka! moment that allows you to see things differently and be able to use new tools to cope. While the twelfth house is mainly associated with mental health, I have found this area of the chart also is one where you can attend to surgery or other procedures on a part of the body that needs attention.

Some things happening on the sidelines could also bring you more good news. As a result of Uranus’ beam to the Sun on January 2, you could see some pleasant surprises when it comes to your physical home or family members as Uranus is based in your home sector, and with Uranus, you can never predict what will happen.

The theme of taking good care of your health will continue and culminate at the full moon January 17 in Cancer at 27 degrees. That full moon will appear in your sixth house of physical health and the preventative steps you take to stay healthy, so you may be finishing up a project which has a deadline of January 17 or within five days of this date.

Now that Jupiter has entered Pisces, on December 29, 2021, all the hard work you did and the seeds you planted last year will start to bear great fruit. You are entering your biggest harvest you’ve seen in over a decade—possibly in your life.

That full moon will have a sweet aspect, too—Uranus, planet of surprise, will reach out to Venus, indicating that a confidential meeting could yield fantastic results within the days that surround that full moon.

The full moon in Cancer of January 17 could bring you another bonus—help on the home front, the same area where Venus retrograde may have been causing delays and frustrations recently. Venus will still be retrograde by the time of the full moon, but Uranus may help untangle an obstacle you encountered. This full moon will also give you good news from a foreign person who you work with—you will get luck from this person whether he or she is based in your city or at a distance.

Now let’s move on to a happy topic, that of friends, fun, and love. You will be happy to know that Mars, the action planet, will be busy energizing your social life, a trend that started last month on December 13 and will continue until January 24. It looks like the holiday spirit that infused you in the second part of last month will carry you forward in January.

After January 24, Mars will go into Capricorn, that quiet, solitary part of your chart I talked about earlier and being stimulated by the new moon January 2. You will be very productive while working alone, away from the opinions of others. Your creativity will be very high. If you are writing a book and need to do research, this tour of Mars, helped along by this month’s new moon, will make you a powerhouse of productivity. Mars will remain in Capricorn until March 6.

Rest up during the coming weeks because once you reach March 6, Mars will move into Aquarius for the first time in two years, and you will be moving at the speed of light. That period, March 6 to April 14, will be a fiercely important time for you—you will be courageous and determined, ready to announce a big plan, and your timing will be perfect.

In the meantime, this month, with Mars moving through Capricorn from January 24 to March 6, you may have greater interaction with medical personnel than usual. This might be for yourself for, as I said earlier, you might opt to have a procedure done that you’ve been putting off. This could relate to dental work as Capricorn rules teeth and bones, or you might consult a professional therapist to talk over a problem. There is another possibility—you may be accompanying your mother or father to a doctor to add cheer and support, as well as to make the travel to and from the doctor’s office easier for your parent. Your parents enjoying being with you, so just being there for your parent will be appreciated more than you know. Also, it’s possible you will be having a baby and will be seeing your OBGYN frequently, and you will look forward to those visits.

Last month Venus went retrograde on December 19 and is still retrograde—Venus will turn direct January 29. A fateful romantic meeting is not likely to take place while Venus is retrograde, a relationship is more likely than not to sputter with a lack of affection either immediately or in short order. The chemistry between you will likely be off if you meet this month when Venus is withholding her greatest powers. Wait until February to let your friend make an introduction.

I wrote a lot about Venus retrograde last month in your December forecast, but I will sum up what else you should avoid doing this month. It would not be a good idea to have Botox, fillers, or veneers, to cut your long hair short, or change the color of your hair dramatically say, form raven black to platinum blonde. Men, don’t shave off your beard—your children may not recognize you and cry. (I am kidding, kids have a way of always knowing their father, but it is true that you might miss your beard and wonder why you were so hasty to shave it off. Take time to think over what you plan to do.)

Mercury, the clever little Dennis-the-Menace planet known to like to be a little copycat, will also go retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde, this time in Aquarius, from January 14 to February 3.

When Mercury is retrograde, electronics tend to go on the fritz, and you may need to take one or two items to the repair shop. It is not a good time to buy any electronic items, from a laptop to a smart phone, TV to a dishwasher. This also includes a car, which is now loaded with electronic features.

January won’t be the right month to sign a contract, so do your best to delay signing until after February 3 (leaving a space of days). If you fear you will lose the lease on the new apartment or not get the project you are offered if you don’t sign, then do, but know you won’t be working with the other party for a long time. That may be OK with you. The only paperwork I would insist on delaying would be if you close on a house. That’s such an important moment, and expensive, too. If you must sign, then do, but I worry that you will find many things that need costly repairs later that you never noticed. Or it might be you have noisy (or nosey) neighbors or other problems with the house that never factored into your decision to buy. See how you feel and delay the closing if you can.

As you see, this month will have a slow pace, but after a frantic December, a quiet month might sound ideal to you.

There is one amazingly bright piece of news—your ruler, Uranus, will go direct on January 18 after having been retrograde since August 19. This alone will go a long way to help you move forward and will be the reason you’ll love the new moon coming up in Aquarius next month on February 1, your cosmic gift certificate to use any way you please. It looks like you will be making an important long-range decision that you will want to announce just after that new moon appears. Uranus going direct will give that new moon in Aquarius more power and punch. You are entering into an important two months, so take it easy in January so you have plenty of energy in February.

Now that Jupiter has entered Pisces, on December 29, 2021, all the hard work you did and the seeds you planted last year will start to bear great fruit. You are entering your biggest harvest you’ve seen in over a decade—possibly in your life. As an Aquarius, you are not a materialistic soul, but having more money will give you glorious options, and that counts for something, too. I am betting that you will end this year feeling very happy with the way things go.


January brings a slow and gentle start to 2022, but make no mistake, 2022 is a vastly different year than 2020 and its twin, 2021. You are about to enter a marvelous period of abundance for all the hard work you’ve put in over the past year and perhaps even longer than that. This comes thanks to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, which entered Pisces on December 29, 2021, and will stay for months, filling your second house of earned income. Simply said, you are entering a year of great financial reward. By the end of 2022, you will say this was a very good year for your finances.

This month will have a slow start, but don’t assume it’s a quiet year. January will be different from the rest of the year. The reason this month will seem slow is that Venus continues to retrograde, a trend she started December 19 and will continue until January 29.

All living things need rest, and Venus is no exception, going retrograde every 18 months for six weeks. Venus has dominion over your physical residence and other property you might own, as well as over your family, including your parents. If you had hoped to buy a house and found out your bid was not accepted, or you got it but the contractor who is readying your home called you with problems that the walls have to be fixed before he can continue (as two examples), you can blame Venus. It would be best to sit tight and not make any major decisions until next month.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 14 to February 3, adding additional reasons you would be wise to avoid major commitments, including the rental or purchase of a house or a plan you have for your parent who is considering assisted living or another arrangement. Again, these are just examples.

Venus retrograde is not the best time to meet a new romantic interest—stay home and read a good book. February and March will be the best months of the year for that. Venus also rules beauty, so if want to get Botox or fillers, you might not like the way your face looks later. Of course, it’s also not the time for a surgical face lift or to ask your cosmetic dentist for veneers. Don’t dramatically change your hair now, either—sit tight (trims and touch-ups are fine, though).

The first part of the month in the weeks following the new moon January 2 in Capricorn, 12 degrees, will be a good time to spend alone, reflecting on the New Year and all you hope to accomplish by this time next year. The new moon, January 2, and the Sun, Venus, and Pluto will fill your twelfth house, a good time to consult a professional to discuss any problem you’ve been wrestling with—the twelfth house rules your subconscious. Start now and you may see a breakthrough in the coming months. If you are dependent on any substance, you can also seek help to rid yourself of it and feel liberated. If you have a condition that requires surgery, schedule it soon, for once Mars enters Aquarius on March 6, you will be moving at the speed of light. This month’s new moon will give you a chance to begin the New Year in good health with strong mind, body, and spirit.

The one area of your life that will be active is your social life with friends. You have Mars in your eleventh house, indicating friends will come to you with many fun reasons to coax you out of the house. All through November and the first half of December, the pressure was on you to focus on the projects on your desk. There was not much time to socialize, but all that changes now, and your friends miss you. You miss them too, so arrange leisurely dinners to catch up.

The full moon on January 17 could find you finishing up a major project and working up against a deadline. Pluto will oppose the moon, so the pressure will be on to have a polished, accurate result to present to the client. Jupiter is in your second house of earned income, so it looks like you are being paid well, a happy consolation. Once you get to January 19, the Sun will move into Aquarius, and you will begin to feel more energy and optimism and far less pressure. The new moon of February 1 may bring you a chance to accept new responsibilities in your personal life or career. It’s exciting, for you are moving up in the world. You are ready for it and will enjoy stepping up to meet the new challenges and rewards.

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