Aquarius Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Aquarius

That full moon will have a sweet aspect, too—Uranus, planet of surprise, will reach out to Venus, indicating that a confidential meeting could yield fantastic results within the days that surround that full moon.

The full moon in Cancer of January 17 could bring you another bonus—help on the home front, the same area where Venus retrograde may have been causing delays and frustrations recently. Venus will still be retrograde by the time of the full moon, but Uranus may help untangle an obstacle you encountered. This full moon will also give you good news from a foreign person who you work with—you will get luck from this person whether he or she is based in your city or at a distance.

Now let’s move on to a happy topic, that of friends, fun, and love. You will be happy to know that Mars, the action planet, will be busy energizing your social life, a trend that started last month on December 13 and will continue until January 24. It looks like the holiday spirit that infused you in the second part of last month will carry you forward in January.

After January 24, Mars will go into Capricorn, that quiet, solitary part of your chart I talked about earlier and being stimulated by the new moon January 2. You will be very productive while working alone, away from the opinions of others. Your creativity will be very high. If you are writing a book and need to do research, this tour of Mars, helped along by this month’s new moon, will make you a powerhouse of productivity. Mars will remain in Capricorn until March 6.

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