Aquarius Horoscope for January 2022

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January 2022

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! This will be a much better year than 2020 and its twin, 2021. You have so much to look forward to this year! Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, just entered Pisces a few days ago on December 29. Jupiter will stay in Pisces until May 10, giving all the water signs and the earth signs reason to cheer.

After May 10, Jupiter will enter Aries, to stay until October 27, and then retreat back to Pisces for a second shot at luck, until December 20, 2022. After December 20, Jupiter will be back to Aries, to stay until May 2023! This will give Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius amazing good fortune. As you see EVERYONE has reason to be excited about the New Year. Everyone will be receiving chocolates from Jupiter.

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Your January Horoscope for Aquarius

January will be a soft, quiet month, when you will have time to reflect on what you need to do in the coming months of 2022. Planets are stacking up in your twelfth house of solitude and rest. The tempo of the month may suit you, though, for the Christmas holidays were likely quite social for you, and with all the hustle-bustle of the holidays, you may find the peaceful pace quite your cup of tea.

The twelfth house, where the new moon of January 2 in Capricorn, 12 degrees, is falling, is associated with healing and health. This area of the chart also rules your subconscious mind and is an exceptionally supportive new moon for delving into feelings—for instance news reports about the people who are suffering from anxiety and depression from the pandemic. It was reported on the news that some patients are exhausted by making tough decisions on a daily basis and are still being asked to plan for the future. (“Should I send my child to school now that the virus is spiking or keep him home? Should I seek a better job? But what if I have to keep my child home, how can I work?”) The past two years required so many judgments and decisions that just having to think about what to have for lunch is almost enough to put you over the edge.

These are just examples, but if you have felt stress and are thinking of seeing a professional therapist, do so this month, for the new moon of January 2 will exert a strong flow for weeks to come, for as much as six months into the future.

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