Aquarius Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This new moon of January 12 will be perfect for working on any project that would require you do intense research in a place away from co-workers (even by phone) who will interrupt your time. Working in solitude, off by yourself, will yield the best results.

The days and weeks after January 12 will also be an ideal time for reflection and planning for your new birthday year coming up soon. Drive into the country to a remote location or bed-and-breakfast where you can work unimpeded.

Some readers have reported stress, anxiety, or substance dependence brought on by sudden changes caused by the pandemic. If you have been feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or isolated, you can find a qualified therapist who might suggest you start to get to know one another by video conference. My choice would be to begin on the new moon in Capricorn January 12, plus ten days—within that period, make your appointment. That new moon will appear in your twelfth house of the subconscious. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you can be free of what is hurting you. Jupiter is the great healer, and as said before, the planet of miracles.

Now let’s turn to the most important moment of the month, January 28, the full moon in Leo, 9 degrees. This full moon will ask you to make a decision about a close relationship. Your decision may center on your feelings about your spouse or a steady who you date seriously. This moment of the month appears to be quite stressful, only because your ruler, Uranus, still traveling with Mars, will challenge the full moon in Leo and the three heavenly bodies—the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn—in Aquarius. You might walk into a tense situation by accident and feel broadsided by a highly emotional response. This full moon is a hot one, so treat everyone gingerly, with kid gloves.

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