Aquarius Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars and Uranus could create a physical manifestation, but more often these two planets can cause an emotional flair-up. Mars can bring on sudden arguments and lots of noise, so it does not look like your home will be a restful place. Perhaps you will invite family to stay with you in your guest room, and it looks to be your sister, brother, or cousin.

Or the noise and commotion could be due to a renovation going on at your home. If that’s what is happening, your contractor may find something unexpected in the walls or plumbing that needs to be fixed.

With Mars conjunct Uranus, it could be that your clan won’t agree with your home or family-related plans, causing you stress. You will have to shape your case in such a way to convince your mate, children, parents, or roommate that the changes you have envisioned for your home are actually to their benefit.

If you are trying to help a parent, also ruled by the fourth house of home, you may encounter some resistance from your sibling or others in the family. Uranus and Mars will both be bound tightly together, and both planets will be in hard 90-degree angle to Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun, which suggests a compromise or tweak will be necessary.

You may wish you could enact your plan for your property or for your parent in the purest way you planned it, but sometimes dynamic tension like this creates discussion and a better idea comes to the surface. You are a fixed sign, so having to change a plan does not come easily—your natural inclination is to resist, but with the tug-of-war going on between Mars/Uranus and Jupiter/Saturn/the Sun, you seem not to have a choice. Family seems to be very vocal, and you may be surprised at that.

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