Aquarius Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There is no doubt that you were working hard all last year. In fact, you seem to have completed an important project on December 29, or a few days after that. It must have been a relief when you finally were able to ship it off to be delivered.

That full moon of December 29 received a sparkling vibration from your ruling planet, Uranus, the planet of surprise and unanticipated events. I bet you were pleased with the response to your work from your client or boss—it seems you were amazed by how positive the critique turned out to be, and it certainly gave you confidence to try additional projects of complexity in the future. Having proven you can handle them, you’re looking forward to doing more.

Now let’s look at the move of Mars, the energy planet, into Taurus on January 6, a big event because Mars has not changed signs since last June. Mars had been in Aries for six months, an unusually long time—usually Mars stays only six to eight weeks in a sign. You were lucky that your air-sign Aquarius Sun blends well with Mars in fire-sign Aries. During the second half of 2020, you may have been doing a lot of communications-oriented projects involving writing, editing, researching, translating, creating computer code, important information, or writing press releases, copy for apps, advertising copy, or being in charge of social media or customer support.

Now your attention will shift to your living quarters, your family members, and parents. You won’t necessarily change jobs—you can keep doing what you were doing if you like, as you have proven how superbly you can handle the work. It is just that things going on at home or opportunities that are coming up will be compelling. It could be as simple as moving to a new house or working on a decorating project.

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