Aquarius Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The most important point to remember is that in 2021 you will be the celestial favorite, the mover and shaker of the zodiac, and the one who will make the headlines. You are not one to follow trends—you start them.

By next month, February, you’ll have the new moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all in Aquarius affording you potent planetary power at your disposal to give you control and charisma. Others will want to follow you, hoping to catch some of the golden glitter that the universe will shower on you. You only get Jupiter conjunct the Sun eight times in your life if you live to 96. You get an Emerald Year once every 12 years. You’ve waited a long time for this!

Now looking at this list, you might say, “Wait—I see Saturn just went into Aquarius too last month, December 17. Isn’t that bad?” Not at all. It is hard to make lasting change without teacher Saturn in an important aspect. When I started Astrology Zone on December 14, 1995, I had Saturn on my Sun and you do now. My site is now 25 years on the Internet. Does Saturn make you work hard? Sure, but you are no stranger to hard work. Saturn helps give you authority and seasons you with experience so that you can give the structure you need to your goals. Saturn will be with you until March 2023. Your life is changing, dear Aquarius, in the best possible way.

Now, let’s look at January. The most important moment of this month will be at the full moon on January 28, and I will discuss that date with you later. First there is quite a bit of news to unpack, so I had better start at the top of January and work our way forward.

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