Aquarius Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here is where the universe starts speaking in riddles—and wants to help you! The full moon is January 28, but it also has the most harmonious and beneficial aspect possible, the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius at 9 degrees.

The Sun rules your partnership and marriage seventh house, so the Sun will give its blessings in the very same place that the full moon is falling. The full moon is tense, but this aspect is one of the sweetest ones possible (I told you the universe was talking in riddles). This tells me that you can untangle any challenge that comes up from a romantic or business partner or serious collaborator such as an agent, manager, accountant, lawyer, publicist, and so forth.

Stay with me—the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter is one of supreme aspects of happiness and reward, and it will occur in Aquarius, your solar first house. That will make you luckier than a Leprechaun. (Don’t gamble though. This aspect points to great rewards and opportunity but not from gambling or from buying lotto tickets.)

If your birthday falls on January 28, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of rewards, for this aspect will fall on your solar return, that is, the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at your birth. This is an important point in astrology—those fortunate early Aquarians born near January 28 will have an entire year of outstanding, sunny luck. You must take full advantage of this aspect or lose it.

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