Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aquarius

You may choose to purchase something wonderful that is very expensive, such as to close on a house or condo, a car, or a piece of jewelry for yourself, or volunteer to pay for your daughter’s college tuition this semester, as some examples. Your mood will be serious, but in a good way, because you have considered your decision carefully and want to do it. A note if you are buying property: You will be likely to stay in that apartment or house a very long time (probably because you love it)—Saturn always adds longevity.

Now let’s turn to romance and to Valentine’s Day, which will occur on Wednesday, February 14. Mars will be in Aquarius by then and working to amplify your charm. If you ever felt invisible, you won’t now. If you have a significant other, make it a point to celebrate your love. The moon will be in Taurus, and miraculously, Jupiter will be conjunct the moon later in the day. This would be perfect for going to a special restaurant and enjoying the delicious food with an environment that is soft, with beautiful flowers. (Taurus is a sensuous sign and when combined with Jupiter can bring on a luxurious experience.)

An even better red-letter day for romance is coming on Wednesday, February 21, when Mars and his lover Venus will make a rare conjunction in Aquarius! This is great. Talk about sparkling, electric vibrations—this is one for the record books. If you or your sweetheart or spouse have to travel for work on Valentine’s Day, you have this day to look forward to. I know it is a Wednesday, but it would be a shame not to use it! In fact, if you both are in the same town and can, by all mean’s celebrate both February 14 and February 21.

Here is an interesting fact: Venus will be in Aquarius from February 16 to March 11.

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