Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aquarius

Don’t feel alone, dear Aquarius, for everyone of every sign will have some difficulty with this new moon. The remedy may take some time, possibly weeks or months, to fix. You’ll need patience.

The readers who will feel this full moon the most will be those with birthdays that fall on February 9, or are close to it (February 7 to 14). If you have Aquarius rising from 17 degrees to 24 degrees, you will also feel this new moon’s unpredictability to some extent. If you read over all I have listed, there are many ways this could affect you, but realize it won’t be all the examples I wrote about—just one!

I thought about Uranus a lot, for this planet is known to send shocks. Uranus reminds us that not all of life can go according to plan. I feel the universe occasionally tests our resourcefulness, flexibility, and adaptability. You are a fixed sign, and Uranus is traveling in Taurus, also a fixed sign. This means you may have to negotiate with someone who will not give an inch. Compromise may be unusually hard to get to. Fixed signs tend to stick to their position and may ask, “Why do I have to change things?” Alas, sometimes change is necessary. Try to find a creative, unusual way to solve what comes up. If anyone can do that, it’s Aquarius.

Two weeks after this new moon we have a full moon on February 24 in Virgo (5 degrees), which will fall in your eighth house of other people’s money. Saturn will tightly conjunct the Sun in Pisces and oppose the moon in Virgo. You may have to write a check for taxes or cover a recent expense, and it seems to be a large sum. With Saturn close, there is likely no way you can avoid paying the bill now (within five days of February 24). But there is also another way this could work out.

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