Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aquarius

Another reason you’ve been thinking so much about home, property, and family is that you have had two major planets in Taurus, your home sector: Uranus, the unpredictable planet of sudden change, and Jupiter, the great benefic planet that brings gifts and luck. Both have slow moving orbits. Uranus will remain in this area of your chart until July 2025. Jupiter will remain only until May 25, 2024, in a once-in-12-year visit.

With Jupiter in Taurus, it has been wise for you to focus on your home—this should be your best year in a decade to do so. You will likely love your results for you are turning your home into your castle.

These very same topics—home and family—are about to become a major focus after the new moon of February 9 in Aquarius, 21 degrees. Accompanying the new moon will be her entourage of the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. Only four days later, on February 13, Mars will enter Aquarius, and his lover Venus will enter in Aquarius, too, on February 16. That will be a lot of planetary power in Aquarius! You certainly will feel in control of many events in your life with six out of a possible 10 heavenly bodies of our solar system in Aquarius.

A wonderful red-letter day for romance is coming on Wednesday, February 21, when Mars and his lover Venus will make a rare conjunction in Aquarius! This is one for the record books.

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