Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

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Dear Reader,

I am so happy to tell you that I’ll be speaking in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, February 17, for the NCGR-DFW—Astrological Society of North Texas.

First let’s talk about the forecast I wrote for February. (I will give you the details about Dallas where I will be in person and with availability for access on the Internet below.)

If you have already taken a peek at February’s forecast, you already know that the month will challenge us to think on our feet and make rapid-fire decisions on the spot. Uranus will come knocking and bring his bag of unpredictable surprises when he challenges the new moon in Aquarius on February 9.

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Your February Horoscope for Aquarius

February’s first week will begin quietly and be similar in tone, style, and pace to January. You will be able to follow your own list of priorities without fear that something will come up to blow you off course. The mood will change after the first eight days of the month when your attention will start to be drawn to your home and family.

In past months, you have had a huge emphasis on your home or other property you may own. You may have been dealing with repairmen, contractors, electricians, refinishers, upholsterers, interior designers, real estate brokers, and other home-oriented specialists.

If you have not been thinking about your home, you may have instead been focused on other property that you may own or rent or thought a great deal about a family member and how to improve the well-being and care of your parent, someone you think of as a parent, or another beloved relative.

The eclipses of Taurus and Scorpio, which came by every six months since November 2021, were part of the reason you had such a strong home-and-family focus. Those eclipses were not easy, but the last one in the series occurred last year in October 2023. They are done. There will be no more eclipses in those signs again until 2031. By then all the planets will have changed position, of course, so your experience will be different and likely easier.

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