Aquarius Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This year will be a magical time to be an Aquarius. You have good-fortune Jupiter in your sign to bring luck all year. Teacher Saturn is in your sign too, for the first time since February 1991 to January 1994, and Saturn will give your life shape, substance, and structure and will remain with you until March 2023. Jupiter’s stay will be shorter, to be in place this year until December 28, 2021, not to return until 2032. As you can see, this is a rare time when you can accomplish much and could find a way to change the very course of your life if that’s your desire.

In many ways, Jupiter and Saturn are opposite in nature. Saturn teaches by giving you a series of tests. Astrologers often call Saturn the tough-love planet for he expects full concentration and devotion to your goals. Recently you seem to have chosen a new goal, one that you will take two years to fully master. You will be willing to work toward your chosen goal, despite the long hours and hard work, because the end benefits will make you proud and give you pleasure for your entire life.

You may get married, have a baby, buy a house or condo, or renovate your present home. You might start your own business, or if you already have one, you may add an entire new product line or service to update and modernize your business. You may see your book published or go back to university to get an advanced degree. If you are an actor, you may direct your first movie. Saturn will see to it that you have an older, dignified, and experienced person nearby overseeing you to help you learn the ropes in your new realm.

Saturn will want to see you tackle something new—something that you have never done before. His job is to make you more mature and to turn you into a substantial, grown-up individual. We continue to “grow up” throughout our lives by taking on new responsibilities. Saturn comes by every 29 years, so it’s easy to see that you only get two or three three-year visits of Saturn in a lifetime.

Saturn will also present you with challenges, and some will be hard to figure out, but if you say, “Oh, I fixed something like this before, and I used this solution,” you will see that oddly, that solution won’t work again. The times have changed, and Saturn wants to see that you are capable of coming up with new solutions. The truth is, it’s hard to become a force to be reckoned with if you don’t have Saturn as your tutor. He will teach you how to be successful at any goal you choose, in business or in your personal life.

Jupiter is very different in nature. He just heaps gifts and luck on you and asks nothing in return. He simply wants to see you happy. Jupiter is the kindly jolly, rotund uncle in the Nutcracker ballet who comes with plenty of gifts for all the children. Jupiter delights in seeing you joyful. He will provide lucky breaks for you this year, and increasingly you will find yourself at precisely the right place and the right time to take full advantage to what is being offered. This will be true for you no matter what your age and no matter what your goal—if you are looking for a new job, hoping to buy your first house, or want to have your first baby. Jupiter is called the great healer too, and has also been occasionally called the planet of miracles.

Jupiter will make your entry into 2021 softer than it otherwise would have been had you not had Jupiter with you while you are being introduced to Saturn. Remarkably, on December 21, 2020, two months ago, we had the Grand Mutation, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined swiftly after entering your sign. (Saturn entered Aquarius on December 16, Jupiter entered on December 19, and they aligned on December 21.) How often do they meet? Every 20 years—for just one evening.

You will begin to see how valued you are after the new moon appears on February 11…, and you will begin to see opportunity tumble forth. You will be in a place where you can pick and choose.

The particular sign and element (fire, air, water, or earth) that Jupiter and Saturn select to meet in every 20 years affects all of society, worldwide, and provides the mood and soundtrack to our lives. Jupiter and Saturn’s meetings affects art and entertainment, architecture, literature, food, fashion, politics and priorities of society, and more.

Here is the interesting part. Every time Saturn and Jupiter met over the past 200 years, they always met in an earth sign—Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn—every 20 years rotating to the next earth sign. The last time they met before 2020, they met in earth-sign Taurus in 2000.

Over the past 200 years, humanity built cathedrals, skyscrapers, roads, bridges, and tunnels, laid down railroad tracks, and saw the birth of the Industrial Revolution and the start of the assembly line. Those changes and inventions created life as we know it now. It launched consumerism, supermarkets, and mass-produced clothing and products, and suddenly what you “owned” was of primary importance. That changes now.

Now, Saturn and Jupiter chose to meet in Aquarius, and from now on will meet in air. Air is lighter than earth and more mobile. Aquarius likes to work in groups—something we saw first-hand with the pharmaceutical companies working with foreign countries to develop the vaccine. The CEO of Pfizer said something very Aquarian when he said in a television interview, “It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.” We have the biggest health crisis of our lives, and all hands were needed on deck. Watson, the IBM computer, helped scientists by immediately making available discoveries written as white papers by other scientists for everyone to read, cutting down on redundancy of research.

Aquarius is an intellectual, mathematical sign that is associated with science, space exploration, high tech industries, telecommunications, satellites, and research into DNA and genomes to find mutated genes in people with inherited diseases that cause suffering in their lives. There will be great medical advances and great discoveries not only in space but also in the oceans of the world. There will be robots, flying taxi cabs, and driverless cars and 18-wheeler trucks, and contactless transactions are going to be part of the future. I feel buildings will be created differently, and companies won’t have their workers in an office all the time—schedules will be looser and more individualized.

Aquarius is also strongly associated with humanitarian and charitable work, and this sign is talented with rallying groups to bring attention to the plight of people or conditions in society that have been overlooked, underserved, or marginalized.

I am giving you a taste of what’s to come, and in so doing I had to gloss over some detail about the Grand Mutation, but the point is, as an Aquarius, you will be in the center of all that is happening in the coming 20 years. You will be making the main headlines. This is all so new to your ears. You are used to having skeptical people around you—now they will support you. I can see you looking skeptical. Everything is changing.

Never again will Saturn and Jupiter meet in earth signs—we are all walking over a bridge to a new world build on “air” sensibilities. That is why this particular Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter was called the Grand Mutation on December 21, 2020—we went from earth to air, permanently. Most people never get to live the difference because they live within that 200-year period and never see anything else. Now we enter a new epoch. We are leaving the society where what you own is a status symbol—it will be what you know and what you contribute to others that will be lauded.

People won’t depend on the government so much (Capricorn) but on each other—people helping people (Aquarius)—which will be more immediate. The difference is that the patriarchal structure will fade, and changes will grow up from the grass roots of the common man with everyone getting a voice.

Travel will be highly prized and frequent in coming years, which is good news for all of us who are cooped up in our homes, shuttered within. Someday we will travel again.

Saturn was one part of this major conjunction on December 21, 2020, and Jupiter, the other. When a big change is coming, the universe usually sends a little preview, and we got that preview last year from March 30 to July 1, 2020, when Saturn temporarily entered Aquarius to acclimate us to the new world we were entering. The pandemic didn’t cause any of the changes that are due to come in future years, but it certainly accelerated the changes with a rapidity we could not have imagined. We were adapting and pivoting to changes rapidly, as we had no choice.

Suddenly, commuting to the office each day, fighting traffic, seemed antiquated. We have the tools now to work from home and also to study remotely. Employers assumed employees would not work hard if the employee were allowed to work from home, but the evidence proved otherwise. We are wearing different clothes, more comfortable ones as we work, and eating fewer take-out foods like we did at the office, cooking more nutritious food at home. We could not meet with others, so we met through Zoom conferences. Shaking hands was no longer a good idea due to social distancing. It is said Aquarius has many friend that they keep at arm’s length. I feel we will miss the human contact, but many of these changes, including the plexiglass at the bank and the manicure salon, as two examples, will remain forever.

There are lots of changes on the way, all in the Aquarian spirit. The point is, the changes will align with your basic futuristic preferences, much to your bewilderment. You are used to being challenged all the time by “experts” who think you are a little off the beam, too wonky or nerdy, but now VIPs will not only accept your ideas but ask you to make presentations about what you see coming in the future. You’ve been proven right too often.

You will begin to see how valued you are after the new moon appears on February 11 in Aquarius at 23 degrees. All new moons open a door wide, and in the days and weeks that follow, you will begin to see opportunity tumble forth. You will be in a place where you can pick and choose. What makes this new moon so extraordinary is that dressed in white satin, this new moon will come with her partner, the Sun, who will be wearing a tux to meet the formality of the occasion, and they will be supported by the moon’s very large entourage this month—Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. That’s six heavenly bodies, more than half the solar system, all aligned in Aquarius giving you the gifts of their energy.

All Aquarians will have reason to be happy—watch the days that follow February 11 for news. If your birthday falls on February 11, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of favor. If you have Aquarius rising 23 degrees or your natal moon is in Aquarius, the same is true for you. Take a look at your natal chart to see if you have any planet within the same tolerances (plus or minus five degrees). If you do, you will also enjoy the opening up of choices you will have in assorted areas of your life.

If you have a natal planet in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 23 degrees (plus or minus five degrees), that planet will light up after the new moon and be very helpful to you—take notes of what comes up so you can refer later to how that planet helped you.

I love that on February 11 Venus will conjoin Jupiter in Aquarius, a rare event, and it comes just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14. Venus will remain in Aquarius most of the month, until February 25, so you are all set. Your charm will be magnified and irresistible. On Valentine’s Day this year, the transiting moon will be in Aries, a perfect placement for you. Aries is a fire sign and you are an air sign, so you will feel things go your way romantically on this day.

Also, on February 14, Mercury will align with Jupiter, and Mercury is the planet that rules your fifth house of true love. This is another indication that this Valentine’s Day, a Sunday, will be one for the record books for you. Ancient astrologers always said that the year that Jupiter tours your sign is the best year in 12 years to find your one truelove—you have that throughout 2021.

Mercury rules two houses of your chart—the other is your solar eighth house of other people’s money, so you may receive a valuable gift or be sent cash in the days surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius throughout February, turning direct February 20, but it will take Mercury time to ramp up his energy. Wait and you will be glad. This means it would be best to sign papers in March and also to buy any machine or electronics (both ruled by Mercury) next month, too. If you purchase high tech items or machines in February, you likely won’t enjoy your product as much as you would had you waited.

By the way, with Mercury in Aquarius, be sure you have backed up all your data and have all of your most precious photos on a separate drive. If you are in IT, make sure your malware software is up to date, and guard against hackers.

With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Venus in Aquarius making you so charming and charismatic, if you are single and not dating, you may hear from someone you loved once but for any reason it did not work out. If you are curious to see if you both can rekindle your love, by all means have dinner together. This is a rare month, and you have so much going for you.

Now let’s look at your home situation which has been quite active lately. Mars, the planet that brings noise and movement, will remain in your sector of home and family until March 3. You may be conflicted about where to live, whether to buy or sell, or to change your décor. Don’t make any decisions now, not with Mercury out of phase. You need time to think.

With unpredictable Uranus in your house of home and family until April 2026, you will have the propensity to move suddenly, impulsively, possibly more than once. I have one friend who moved to her country house when the pandemic hit and has not moved back to New York City since. That was a sudden decision, but she did have a choice, and her country house is quite beautiful. She could do that because her son had just gone off to college, and she didn’t have to be home to cook. She does go into New York City occasionally. My point is her lifestyle changed quite a bit and she pivoted on a dime.

I have another Aquarius friend who lives in San Francisco, so after her husband died, she felt her second house in New York City had too many memories. She was sad, so she sold it and purchased a condo in the Hamptons. Now she isn’t sure if she should sell the condo that she just purchased and buy again in Manhattan. She is being impulsive, and the pandemic is not helping—the isolation is getting to my friend. I begged her to wait, live in the Hamptons this summer when the weather is warm, and see how it feels. Uranus can make you do things quickly without thinking. Give yourself time to reflect.

If you are not trying to decide where to live, you may have been dealing with family squabbles and wondering how to get your relatives to calm down. Things were more inflamed last month in January, so they are gradually going in the right direction. If you feel things are still not calm enough, be encouraged with the likelihood that things will continue to calm down and become less rambunctious by the time Mars moves into Gemini in early March.

Now let’s talk about money. A full moon in Virgo, 9 degrees, will appear on Saturday, February 27, and will be influential for a plus or minus four days. Your attention will immediately be drawn to a financial deal that will crystalize, and you will be quite surprised and pleased by the outcome. Your ruler Uranus will send a strong, golden beam to that full moon, resulting in money being sent to you. You might sell real estate or be given property from an inheritance. Family may send you a check, or you may receive a positive outcome from a court settlement. You may get funds from a tax refund, government stimulus check, or other source.

With Uranus in such sweet angle to the Sun and full moon, you may receive money from your partner in love or possibly in business, or from a lawyer, agent, or other middleman. Or if you settle the division of property in your upcoming divorce, then your money will emanate from an ex-partner. No matter what the source, you will be surprised by the money being sent to you.

You have a beautiful chart this month, and while there will be occasional annoyances from Mercury retrograde in connection with matters causing some indecision regarding home or family matters, rarely have you had such glowing, supportive aspects from so many planets. This year is for you, dear Aquarius, and it has only just begun.


This is your big year, the best one in over a decade, and you will feel the spotlight on you in February. No less than six out of ten heavenly bodies will be lined up in Aquarius, so suddenly the world will be happy to place their faith in you. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in Aquarius for the first time in 12 years, and Saturn is there too, for the first time since 1991 to 1994.

The combination of these two planets shows that you are soon to commit to a wonderful opportunity that will require much hard work, but which will form the foundation of your life and eventually bring considerable profits. This just may be the most important year of your life, when you make your mark indelibly and find the satisfaction in life that you’ve long wanted to capture. With so many planets clustered in your sign, you will “rule the world”—you will be the one sign making the headlines. This trend will be set at the new moon February 11 and in the days and weeks to follow.

A certain relationship has been on your mind. As you entered the start of this month, you had just experienced a full moon in Leo on January 28, strong for an extra four days. At that time, you were focused on your spouse, steady, established sweetheart, your business partner, or committed collaborator, such as your agent, publicist, or lawyer.

That full moon was mixed in outlook with some of the best aspects—and some of the most challenging ones. If the person on your mind is your romantic partner, the topic that you were discussing may have been about where you should live. If the person you seem not to agree with is a business collaborator, you may be at odds about where to set up or move the company or whether to allow workers to work remotely from home. You like that idea, but I am not sure your business partner agrees.

If you need to move or renovate headquarters or need to relocate your home and, in either case, are concerned about the costs and your ability to get a loan or a mortgage, you may be worrying needlessly. Sudden news from your bank, another lender, or even from family that you will have the money you need to press forward on a real estate plan will thrill you.

Uranus is your ruling planet and will be the bearer of welcome news when Uranus beams directly to the full moon in Virgo on February 27, bringing you quite a bit of money, more than enough to cover the cost of your plans. If you are trying to help a parent find suitable living quarters—possibly with assisted living—that, too, may now have a happy ending. With a simultaneous strong, electric beam of Uranus to the Sun, which, for Aquarius, rules your partner in love or business, you will end the month of one mind. Together you will face the future with a strong sense of optimism.

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