Aquarius Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I have another Aquarius friend who lives in San Francisco, so after her husband died, she felt her second house in New York City had too many memories. She was sad, so she sold it and purchased a condo in the Hamptons. Now she isn’t sure if she should sell the condo that she just purchased and buy again in Manhattan. She is being impulsive, and the pandemic is not helping—the isolation is getting to my friend. I begged her to wait, live in the Hamptons this summer when the weather is warm, and see how it feels. Uranus can make you do things quickly without thinking. Give yourself time to reflect.

If you are not trying to decide where to live, you may have been dealing with family squabbles and wondering how to get your relatives to calm down. Things were more inflamed last month in January, so they are gradually going in the right direction. If you feel things are still not calm enough, be encouraged with the likelihood that things will continue to calm down and become less rambunctious by the time Mars moves into Gemini in early March.

Now let’s talk about money. A full moon in Virgo, 9 degrees, will appear on Saturday, February 27, and will be influential for a plus or minus four days. Your attention will immediately be drawn to a financial deal that will crystalize, and you will be quite surprised and pleased by the outcome. Your ruler Uranus will send a strong, golden beam to that full moon, resulting in money being sent to you. You might sell real estate or be given property from an inheritance. Family may send you a check, or you may receive a positive outcome from a court settlement. You may get funds from a tax refund, government stimulus check, or other source.

With Uranus in such sweet angle to the Sun and full moon, you may receive money from your partner in love or possibly in business, or from a lawyer, agent, or other middleman. Or if you settle the division of property in your upcoming divorce, then your money will emanate from an ex-partner. No matter what the source, you will be surprised by the money being sent to you.

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