Aquarius Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

By the way, with Mercury in Aquarius, be sure you have backed up all your data and have all of your most precious photos on a separate drive. If you are in IT, make sure your malware software is up to date, and guard against hackers.

With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Venus in Aquarius making you so charming and charismatic, if you are single and not dating, you may hear from someone you loved once but for any reason it did not work out. If you are curious to see if you both can rekindle your love, by all means have dinner together. This is a rare month, and you have so much going for you.

Now let’s look at your home situation which has been quite active lately. Mars, the planet that brings noise and movement, will remain in your sector of home and family until March 3. You may be conflicted about where to live, whether to buy or sell, or to change your décor. Don’t make any decisions now, not with Mercury out of phase. You need time to think.

With unpredictable Uranus in your house of home and family until April 2026, you will have the propensity to move suddenly, impulsively, possibly more than once. I have one friend who moved to her country house when the pandemic hit and has not moved back to New York City since. That was a sudden decision, but she did have a choice, and her country house is quite beautiful. She could do that because her son had just gone off to college, and she didn’t have to be home to cook. She does go into New York City occasionally. My point is her lifestyle changed quite a bit and she pivoted on a dime.

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