Aquarius Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This year will be a magical time to be an Aquarius. You have good-fortune Jupiter in your sign to bring luck all year. Teacher Saturn is in your sign too, for the first time since February 1991 to January 1994, and Saturn will give your life shape, substance, and structure and will remain with you until March 2023. Jupiter’s stay will be shorter, to be in place this year until December 28, 2021, not to return until 2032. As you can see, this is a rare time when you can accomplish much and could find a way to change the very course of your life if that’s your desire.

In many ways, Jupiter and Saturn are opposite in nature. Saturn teaches by giving you a series of tests. Astrologers often call Saturn the tough-love planet for he expects full concentration and devotion to your goals. Recently you seem to have chosen a new goal, one that you will take two years to fully master. You will be willing to work toward your chosen goal, despite the long hours and hard work, because the end benefits will make you proud and give you pleasure for your entire life.

You may get married, have a baby, buy a house or condo, or renovate your present home. You might start your own business, or if you already have one, you may add an entire new product line or service to update and modernize your business. You may see your book published or go back to university to get an advanced degree. If you are an actor, you may direct your first movie. Saturn will see to it that you have an older, dignified, and experienced person nearby overseeing you to help you learn the ropes in your new realm.

Saturn will want to see you tackle something new—something that you have never done before. His job is to make you more mature and to turn you into a substantial, grown-up individual. We continue to “grow up” throughout our lives by taking on new responsibilities. Saturn comes by every 29 years, so it’s easy to see that you only get two or three three-year visits of Saturn in a lifetime.

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