Aquarius Horoscope for December 2022

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It must be fun being an Aquarius these days. For a long time, I saw such small windows of opportunities for you to find new love or to enjoy love you may have already found. In 2022 the situation changed in a dramatic way when Mars entered Gemini on August 20. Mars was to stay in Gemini not the normal amount of time of six or seven weeks, but rather seven MONTHS. If you are single, this is the best development that’s happened, for you have a solid chance to meet someone new.

You might be sitting there saying, “Well my social life is not so hot. I haven’t meet anyone. Actually, my love life is as dull as a door knob.” If you are single and this resonates with you, the problem could be because Mars has been retrograding since October 30. Everyone of every sign felt like they’ve been walking through glue and not making progress. Happily, Mars will go direct on January 12 and will stay direct in Gemini, your sweet spot, until March 25. Mars will be in your truelove sector throughout, and that is plenty of time to socialize. Be optimistic, for you may meet someone special.

I asked several women how they met the man of their dreams. Every one of them reported that they felt a certain chemistry, admiration, or attraction to the person. It was the woman who made the first move by going over to speak to the man they were drawn to in a gentle, charming way. This led me to think that perhaps (and I am not sure about this) that some men dread rejection and welcome a friendly comment or question from a woman. I imagine this may happen with gay couples, too—someone makes the first contact, and it’s not worth waiting and hoping it will happen.

Male readers, tell me what you think. Astrology Zone has 40 percent male readers, so all of us would like to know what you think. If you are on Twitter or Discord, write to me (@Astrologyzone, Twitter; #Astrologyzone, Discord). I want the Aquarians among us—men and women—to enjoy this trend, especially since in one month Mars will finally go direct. That will be a good time to meet a new person.

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