Aquarius Horoscope for August 2022

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Your August Horoscope for Aquarius

This month starts out sweetly, thanks to a delicious new moon in Leo, 6 degrees, on July 28, which emphasized your relationship with a steady romantic partner—your spouse—or if you are not married, your established, long-term romantic partner who might be living with you. If you have a business partner, collaborator, or consultant, or are hoping to join forces with such a person, the new moon of July 28 can help you to set up a new agreement with an additional person who could add much to your business. That new moon, still strong in August, is all about your commitment to another person and their corresponding commitment you.

If you hoped to get engaged or to marry, this would be a magical month to do so. If you are already wed, you may draw up new plans with your partner to set a new goal, such as to save to buy a house together, have a baby, or take a trip of a lifetime. Those are just some examples, but you will have fun deciding how to make more of your present relationship.

When it comes to collaborations, you may be thinking of joining forces in a serious one-to-one business relationship. You might sign a new client or, if you are an agent, sign a new talent. In business, people make agreements all the time when they add specialists to aid their effort. That seems to be possible for you now. This would be a good time to hire a new accountant or lawyer with the specialty you need. Or you may need a new publicist, social media manager, or other person you work with in a one-on-one relationship. Usually, serious partnerships like these would have a contract at its base. You are under such twinkling stars in all partnership affairs that this would be a perfect time to move forward. You can sign papers, as long as your lawyer says the document is ready. When choosing a date to sign, do your best to stay far away from signing at the full moon, August 11. Ideally, I’d like you to sign on August 18, for on that day, Venus will “trine” Jupiter—an aspect that has the power to bring happiness and financial good fortune to the union.

Now let’s turn to talk about the difficult full moon on August 11 in Aquarius, 19 degrees. If you have been putting up with a bad situation that you have been dealing with for some time, and it seems to be getting worse, this month you may feel you’ve reached the end of your rope. It’s clear something has to be done—a decision has to be made, and you may have to be ready to leave or ask the other person to go. Until now, you’ve been thinking of the welfare of others and what seems to be the most compassionate way of dealing with the situation. With the full moon in Aquarius, you will need to think about what is best for you.

There is an exception—if a family member becomes ill suddenly, you will want to help, and to do so, you will have to temporarily drop everything to be at your beloved relative’s side.

Once Mars moves into air-sign Gemini, your fifth house of true love, fun, leisure time, vacations, and romance on August 20, Mars will remain there for seven months. Single Aquarius finally have a good chance of meeting someone new. Married couples will have more time for one another.

Here is what is going on at this turbulent full moon. Uranus, your ruler, in Taurus will be in a harsh, exact square (90-degree angle) to the Sun in Leo AND the full moon in Aquarius. Some sort of unwanted surprise is likely to come up suddenly, and it could involve a home living situation or regard a family member you care about. Uranus rules news that arrives out of the blue, so although this full moon will rattle you, you will have to pull yourself together to act quickly on the matter. The news that comes up might cause you to move your residence fairly soon, such as if you hear your landlord has sold the building, as one example.

Alternatively, you may want to leave your mate or sweetheart who is living with you because of what you learn, and rather than wait until your partner finds a place and moves out, you will quickly take it upon yourself to move out first. Your daily work environment at the office seems to be undergoing a few changes too, and you may be wondering how much more change you can handle.

As if you needed anything else to deal with, at the same time, the full moon in Aquarius will be conjunct Saturn, which is a somber, depressing, or heavy influence, and Mars will be conjunct Uranus in your fourth house of home and family. Although Mars and Uranus have already met in conjunction on August 1 and are slowly separating from each other, they are still close enough to be significant and to cause sudden change in your domestic situation. There is no doubt that this is a tinder box of a full moon.

Uranus is your modern ruler, and Saturn is your ancient ruler before Uranus was discovered in 1781—modern astrologers look at the condition of both. Uranus embodies the future, Saturn the past, and your dilemma is how to set up a new structure that more appropriately fits your lifestyle.

Something has to give—the center will not hold. It looks like a certain situation or unhappy relationship has gone on too long. You will feel the news is sudden, but if you think about it and look back, there were small clues. Now you are seeing the full picture. News will be apt to be delivered in a weird or offhand way, perhaps through a casual comment or discovered accidentally, but nevertheless you will not be able to deny the truth of it.

Full moons look at the weak links in our lives and either ask us to strengthen them or leave. If time has gone on and you have not been able to correct things, the full moon will intervene and do for you what you could not do for yourself. Things will come to a culmination, and like all full moons, the matter then will be over.

Everyone, no matter what their sign, will feel this full moon in different ways, depending on where this full moon falls in their chart. As you encounter people during the week of August 11, you may find that everyone, it seems, will be feeling fragile. Be kind, and choose your words carefully.

If your birthday falls on February 7, plus or minus five days, you will feel this full moon. If you have a planet in Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Leo at 19 degrees, you will notice something is up, too. Any planet or cusp in your chart (ascendant, descendant, mid-heaven, tenth house or fourth house cusp) at 19 degrees of a fixed sign—Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, or Scorpio—you will see something come to critical mass. If you have that in your chart, be sure to clear your schedule so that you won’t be distracted with outside events. This full moon deserves your undivided attention.

Now let’s talk about Mars, and here I have good news for you. Mars has been in Taurus since July 5 but will leave this pesky place for you on August 20. Mars in Taurus may have brought you difficulties within the family, concern for a family member, or unexpected developments regarding your domestic condition. When Mars leaves on August 20, you will feel better. After all, Mars is the warrior planet, and having been hanging out with rebellious, sometimes explosive Uranus, can cause sudden, disruptive change. You may have felt more emotional than usual. Each day, in every way, Mars is moving away from Uranus, and that should make you feel better.

When Mars moves into air-sign Gemini, it will be a gorgeous place for Mars to be for you. Mars will enter your fifth house of true love, fun, leisure time, vacations, and romance. The fifth house also rules your creativity, imagination, and artistic expression. Finally, the fifth house also covers all matters related to children, from pregnancy to birth and the care for little ones through your child’s adulthood. One or two of these areas listed will become important to you while Mars visits this lovely area for you.

Single Aquarius finally have a good chance of meeting someone new. Married couples will have more time for one another. The pandemic has had a depressing effect on most people, limiting their movements, but now with Mars’ arrival in Gemini, you have lots to look forward to in the future. (If you left one person during the difficult full moon August 11, you may meet a new person rather quickly, it seems.)

Here is another fact about Mars: He usually remains in any house he visits for seven weeks, but he will stay in your fifth house, Gemini, for seven MONTHS—from August 20, 2022, to March 25, 2023. You are so lucky! The reason for this long visit? Mars will be retrograde from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023.

When any planet retrogrades, it becomes weak and cannot beam its best powers to you. Things will slow down, and nothing will “click” as quickly as you think it should.

On the job, everything will take more time and money. Supply chain problems will mount, and Wall Street could see some volatility at the end of October and especially in early November because of coming eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. Clients might seem to be in a frozen state, unable to make a decision, and instead take on a safe, wait-and-see stance.

If you need products or supplies to do your job, get those items in August, or if they are not available, get in line by putting your name on the list. Your best time for love and romance with Mars in Gemini will be early in October 2022 (first two weeks), and then from January 21 to March 25, 2023.

Astrologically, it’s also not great to date new people when Mars is out of phase, for Mars rules sex and affection. If you have an exciting start with someone with good chemistry on a first or second date, go slowly into the relationship. When Mars goes retrograde, your new relationship may become dull, completely missing the spark the relationship needs to keep it going.

Mars is also very connected to business, so when Mars retrogrades, everything seems harder than usual to accomplish. Mars is a high-octane planet, one that lends you great confidence, energy, and drive, but when he takes time out to sleep in retrograde, we all miss his energetic help to move ventures forward.

If you can launch a new product or service in August, do it—that would represent ideal timing. The additional problem will be that Mars’ little brother Mercury will also go retrograde from September 9 to October 2 in Libra. That’s why I am asking you to be super productive in August.

If you need more time, then plan to launch near the fabulously favorable full moon in entrepreneurial Aries on October 8-9, which represents another perfect moment. After that, your next window will open on January 21, 2023, the beautiful new moon in Aquarius.

I have some good news before I go. The new moon of August 27 in Virgo, 4 degrees, will help your financial picture. This new moon will appear in your eighth house of other people’s money, so if you need a bank loan, venture capital, a student loan or financial aid package, or a mortgage, or you want to huddle with your accountant to do some year-end tax planning (and find some savvy ways to take a legal deduction you overlooked), you would have to act just after the new moon arrives. If you are starting divorce talks, you might start talking about the division of property. Talks may go on for some time if the matter is complex. That’s OK. What matters is that you begin at a good time.

I love this new moon. A new moon in Virgo will always put Mercury in the lead. I was delighted to see a golden triangle of harmony will appear in the sky featuring Mercury as one of the planets shining brightly at one of the points of that golden triangle. Pluto (almost in Aquarius, presently in very late degrees of Capricorn) will be at another point, and Mars will be at the third point of the triangle, newly minted in Gemini. These three planets will work together to help you see a good resolve for your search for money to accomplish a goal. Things are looking up, dear Aquarius. Have faith.


As you enter August, you may be thinking “we” instead of “me.” The start of August will be strongly influenced by the new moon July 28 in your opposite sign of Leo. At this time, you may be thinking of proposing to a sweetheart to live together, to be exclusive, or to marry you. This new moon will be very much about solidifying an important relationship. Are you already married? Then together you can agree to work on a big goal, such as to buy a house, have a baby, or take an important trip together. You can choose other goals, of course, those are just three examples.

If you have no romantic attachment, you may use this partnering energy in business. You may want to ask an expert to collaborate with you as part of your business team. Since the new moon is in a contractual house, you may offer this person a contract in order to cement the agreement and to acknowledge the seriousness of the deal. Do it soon—early August is the right time to act. Jupiter recently sent golden beams to the Sun at that new moon, making the first week of August the ideal time to sign a contract to make a solemn promise.

On another subject, for a long time Mars, Uranus, plus the April eclipse, all in in Taurus, have made you think about moving, selling or buying property, or renovating your home. You may have even considered putting your home up for a listing on Airbnb. The eclipses that came by last year on November 19, 2021, and this year on April 30, 2022, likely started your meditation about changes you might want to make at home or to help a family member. That drumbeat may have intensified with Mars’ recent visit to your fourth house of home July 5, to continue to August 20. Unpredictable Uranus is staying in your home sector—he has no plans to move—but with Mars leaving, that should reduce the tension, perhaps because you are coming closer to a decision.

You need to watch what happens at the coming eclipses on November 8, 2022 (a very disruptive eclipse), and October 28, 2023.

If your physical home is fine and stable and you are not thinking of making any changes or improvements, then keep an eye on your parents, for one (or both) may need your assistance. Your mother or father may announce a move to a warm climate, or the news may be that your one or both of your parents plan to retire. There are many possibilities, those are only two examples. You may have already addressed a home or family question, but if not, they may be coming up.

If you have time to work on home and family matters, the new moon next year of May 19, 2023, and the days that follow may be the best time you’ve ever seen to make home and family changes. That May 19 date next year is 24K gold.

You may not have to wait long to devise a plan for home or family. It may need to happen at a thorny part of the month, at the full moon in Aquarius on August 11, plus five days. Both Uranus and Mars in Taurus will challenge the full moon, a hot, disruptive combination, and together will send harsh vibrations to both the Sun in Leo and the full moon in Aquarius. The moon will also be close enough to a conjunction with Saturn, another difficult aspect. Saturn will ask that you be practical and remain unemotional and objective, but it may not be easy at this full moon. The news that will emerge at this full moon may touch you deeply, especially if your birthday falls on or near February 7.

Although you will face several obstacles that might slow you down, they will be there to make you think twice about acting impulsively. Listen to the wisdom of the universe.

By month’s end, August 27, the new moon will show you that it’s time to make more money. If you have been writing a book, for example, you could get a pledge from a publisher to take your book after showing her several chapters and a marketing plan. There are many possible ways you can wind up richer if you open talks at this new moon August 27.

It may be time to negotiate a royalty, commission, licensing fee, or cash advance with your boss or to open talks on any financial matter, including company benefits, for if you do, you will likely come out of those talks with a handsome sum. This new moon is being led by Mercury, which will have recently moved into fellow air-sign Libra, which is beautifully oriented to Mars and in perfect friendly position to financial powerhouse Pluto. You have the ideal time to enter into talks on any financial matter now, so sit at the table and cut the cards.

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