Aquarius Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Aquarius

If you have time to work on home and family matters, the new moon next year of May 19, 2023, and the days that follow may be the best time you’ve ever seen to make home and family changes. That May 19 date next year is 24K gold.

You may not have to wait long to devise a plan for home or family. It may need to happen at a thorny part of the month, at the full moon in Aquarius on August 11, plus five days. Both Uranus and Mars in Taurus will challenge the full moon, a hot, disruptive combination, and together will send harsh vibrations to both the Sun in Leo and the full moon in Aquarius. The moon will also be close enough to a conjunction with Saturn, another difficult aspect. Saturn will ask that you be practical and remain unemotional and objective, but it may not be easy at this full moon. The news that will emerge at this full moon may touch you deeply, especially if your birthday falls on or near February 7.

Although you will face several obstacles that might slow you down, they will be there to make you think twice about acting impulsively. Listen to the wisdom of the universe.

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