Aquarius Horoscope for August 2022

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Your August Horoscope for Aquarius

This month starts out sweetly, thanks to a delicious new moon in Leo, 6 degrees, on July 28, which emphasized your relationship with a steady romantic partner—your spouse—or if you are not married, your established, long-term romantic partner who might be living with you. If you have a business partner, collaborator, or consultant, or are hoping to join forces with such a person, the new moon of July 28 can help you to set up a new agreement with an additional person who could add much to your business. That new moon, still strong in August, is all about your commitment to another person and their corresponding commitment you.

If you hoped to get engaged or to marry, this would be a magical month to do so. If you are already wed, you may draw up new plans with your partner to set a new goal, such as to save to buy a house together, have a baby, or take a trip of a lifetime. Those are just some examples, but you will have fun deciding how to make more of your present relationship.

When it comes to collaborations, you may be thinking of joining forces in a serious one-to-one business relationship. You might sign a new client or, if you are an agent, sign a new talent. In business, people make agreements all the time when they add specialists to aid their effort. That seems to be possible for you now. This would be a good time to hire a new accountant or lawyer with the specialty you need. Or you may need a new publicist, social media manager, or other person you work with in a one-on-one relationship. Usually, serious partnerships like these would have a contract at its base. You are under such twinkling stars in all partnership affairs that this would be a perfect time to move forward. You can sign papers, as long as your lawyer says the document is ready. When choosing a date to sign, do your best to stay far away from signing at the full moon, August 11. Ideally, I’d like you to sign on August 18, for on that day, Venus will “trine” Jupiter—an aspect that has the power to bring happiness and financial good fortune to the union.

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