Aquarius Horoscope For April 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

Travel seems very much on your agenda, not only now but also in months to come. Quickly after you enter April, you will be greeted by a full moon on April 5 in Libra at 16 degrees that will light your ninth house of distant travel. This particular trip seems to be to visit family because Venus will take the lead at this full moon, and Venus is found in Taurus, your fourth house of home. Venus will be orbiting close to your ruling planet Uranus, so interesting, unusual, and surprising things may occur on your trip.

The Sun is moving very close to Jupiter in your ninth house of travel and communication, so if you need to see your partner for business, you will have very productive meetings, and if you are working on a deal, you can crystalize it now. You seem to be combining business with pleasure, but a friend appears to be in the picture too, and it looks like that friend will be very good to you. Perhaps your friend has suggested you stay at her beautiful house instead of booking a hotel. (Jupiter is involved, so the accommodations would be lovely.)

The ninth house rules all sorts of communication, so you may be working on a big project—a podcast series, a website, an advertising, publicity, or social media campaign (or all three!), or you may be writing a book or filming a documentary. You get the idea. This, your third house, encourages writing, speaking, editing, coding, filming, teaching, public relations, marketing, sales—and one of these areas seems to be shaping up as important you. In fact, you may be ready to show your work to the world soon.

If your birthday falls on February 5, plus or minus five days, you will feel the April 5 full moon quite strongly. The same is true if you have Aquarius rising or your natal moon in Aquarius at 16 degrees (plus or minus five degrees). If you have a natal planet in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 16 degrees, you will notice that planet is working hard for you, and you will soon see its benefit.

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