Aquarius Horoscope for April 2021

A Note from Susan Miller

April 2021

Dear Reader,

April will be a good, cheerful, and productive month until we get to the monster full moon in Scorpio on April 26. I know I am writing this on April 1, April Fool’s Day, and I wish I were pranking you. This full moon will be no joke.

I am concerned about this full moon because Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, will directly oppose the full moon in Scorpio on April 26. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun in Taurus, and Venus and Mercury will be in Taurus as well, making those planets unstable, too.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are in a good position, for you may not be aware that you are the one sign that will be making all the headlines now and in months to come. You have both Saturn and Jupiter in your sign, quite potent planets, and each in its own way will push you forward toward a new life chapter.

Jupiter is the good fortune planet and will remain with you the lion’s share of this year, until December 28, 2021. This is the first visit of Jupiter to your sign in 12 years, and when he leaves, he will not be back until April 2032 for approximately one year, so you see how special 2021 will be for you. You are in your Emerald Year, dear Aquarius, and you only get eight of these in a lifetime if you live to 96.

These rare Jupiter years bring a cornucopia of goodies—important VIP contacts, many job opportunities, money, the opening of international markets for your specialty (or import-export), and happiness in love, too. Jupiter conjunct the Sun, as you have this year, is considered the best aspect possible for finding love. So much of your future success rests with you, for you need to know what you dearly want—a dream with long range potential.

Jupiter will step out of Aquarius for several weeks, starting next month, from May 13 to July 28 while he visits Pisces. That’s 11 weeks. Don’t be blue—this period will bring you a financial bonanza. Mercury will be retrograde during three weeks of that phase, from May 29 to June 22, but that still gives you from the end of June through July to make agreements, sign contracts, and rake in the money. You’ve not seen anything like this in years. Creative projects particularly will shine brightest, so if you have an idea to sell, start preparing now.

Saturn is the taskmaster planet and will give you the self-discipline to keep working on your dream without distraction. Saturn will stay longer than Jupiter. While good-fortune Jupiter will stay until December 28 of this year, Saturn will remain in Aquarius until March 7, 2023.That means you won’t have Jupiter with you in Aquarius—he will be in Pisces, giving you profits from the ventures you begin now, in 2021. You do have a lovely number of weeks ahead from May 13 to July 28 to see reward from your hard work, but it is only the beginning.

You are in a good place, dear Aquarius, with Mars circulating in your truelove sector (fifth house), a holdover from last month when Mars entered on March 3 and will stay until April 23. Last month on the sparkling full moon of March 28, you may have had a heavenly romantic experience. If you are single, you may have met someone or, if attached, devoted time to each other and given one another lots of affection and attention. I wrote about this full moon last month and hoped you were ready for it. You may have received news you were pregnant, or may have just given birth.

There was also a completely different way you might have used that full moon, and that was to finish all, or an important part of, a creative project. If it is not done yet, focus on it this month, and give it all you’ve got.

All month, your creativity will be reaching impressive heights. Present those ideas—they are falling from your mind like diamonds.

The new moon on April 11 in Aries, 22 degrees, will light your third house and make life busier. Lots of Zoon meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts. You might want to take a little short trip with your sweetheart or spouse, and that would be possible if you go to a setting that is not a pandemic hotspot and is near home. (The third house rules short-distance travel, not long-distance travel.) Venus and Mars are both favoring your interests, so take this trip over the weekend starting Thursday, April 15, through Sunday, April 18.

On April 15, you will have the Sun in perfect angle to Saturn, giving you a great time to sign a contract or to take that short trip.

On April 16, you have an even more spectacular day, when Mars and Jupiter will be in a divine trine, linking good-fortune Jupiter to Mars in Gemini, your fifth house of true love. This would also be a grand day to present a creative idea to get it funded or supported by sponsors. If you wrote a book and the treatment and several chapters are ready to show, have your agent present the manuscript to the publisher on this glorious day.

There is some indication your short trip, within a two-hour drive or less, would be for business. If you are negotiating a deal, do your best to get it wrapped up by April 21, or table things until early to mid-May. On April 23, Mars will move into Cancer, a less spectacular place for Mars to be for you, so negotiate while Mars is still in Gemini. Mercury will retrograde starting May 29 until June 11, so you would not want to get too close to the turn of Mercury because you will feel his chaotic effects at least a week ahead of May 29.

Mars in Gemini is very compatible with your Aquarius Sun, so you will find that things will go your way now. Mars in Cancer (April 23) will bring in even more assignments, however, and that’s good news. You will be needed. If you are out of work, Mars will bring opportunity, and you may be settled into your new job by June, just after Mercury goes direct.

By the last week of the month, a heavy cloud cover will appear, and a difficult, monster full moon will arrive on April 26 in Scorpio, 7 degrees. It will fall in your tenth house of career, reputation, and ultimate legacy. The part of this full moon that concerns me is that Uranus, the planet of all unpredictable events, will directly aim his canons at this full moon in your tenth house, Scorpio, from his perch in your fourth house of home, Taurus. They will be within three degrees of a precise 180-degree tug-of-war.

So many parts of your life will be lit that you might be running from pillar to post. The Sun, which will be conjunct Uranus, rules your close committed romantic partner and also your serious collaborations at work, and suddenly one may destabilize. The moon may be IN your house of reputation and career advancement, but it RULES your sixth house of work projects. With the full moon under siege, a work assignment is likely to come off the rails, and it will be up to you to catch it before it does. This is a high-stress full moon because so much of the action takes place “on the angles” of your chart—the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses are being looped in.

Not only will the Sun will be conjunct Uranus, Venus and Mercury will be close to Uranus too, all in Taurus, your fourth house of home. Something is ending or culminating on April 26 in regard to your career, plus four days, but your home situation is not that stable, either. Whatever it is, you won’t see this coming. Uranus is your ruling planet, so you will feel this directly, especially if your birthday falls on January 26, plus or minus four days.

As if you needed another aspect to stir the pot, Saturn in Aquarius will be square both the Sun and the full moon at a harsh 90-degree angle, indicating there will be obstacles to solve at this complex full moon. Out of the ten heavenly bodies (8 planets + the Sun and moon = 10), there will be seven in fixed signs. This focus on fixed signs will not help, either. Everyone will have an opinion and be wedded to it—no one will want to offer a compromise. This has the makings of a very tense situation.

You won’t be able to guess what comes up because it is the nature of Uranus to bring up something out of the blue, and it would be something you would never have expected to happen. Every sign of the zodiac will feel this full moon, but depending on where it falls in each sign’s chart, they will feel it in completely different ways. My point is, know that everyone will be fragile and tense at month’s end, so don’t press forward. Hang back, lie low, and keep your schedule light. All any of us can do is sit on the couch, open the window, and see what flies in.

The one good aspect at this full moon will be a lovely out-of-sign interplay between Mars and Jupiter, an aspect you and I talked about regarding April 16. Although both planets are orbiting forward at this monster moon, April 26 plus five days, you may start to see events stir up two days prior to April 26. We are all in the same boat with this full moon. Protect your reputation. Be ready to catch things that are getting chaotic at home, too. The good part about a full moon is that it delivers truth you had not received previously so that you can protect yourself. You will need to make a decision quite rapidly, then the full moon begins to wane, and it is gone. Unlike March, April will enter like a little lamb but leave like a tiger. Be ready.


Mars, the action planet, is still touring your fifth house of true love, making April a time to take your eyes slightly off your everyday career duties and make room for love. If you have a partner, lavish your spouse or sweetheart with your attention. You will get the response you crave—perhaps much to your surprise. If you are single, you might be offered an introduction from your sibling or cousin, and even if your family has never suggested someone of “your type” before now, stay open to suggestions.

A project that emphasizes your communication skills—writing, speaking, editing, translation, research, or coding—may come up at the April 11 new moon. The project you will generate or be offered seems to be just your cup of tea. A crown of stars—four heavenly bodies—is gathering in entrepreneurial Aries, your third house of communication, suggesting you will be working on something very new and unexplored, and the newness of it all will excite you. With Mars in Gemini, you’re finding the perfect words to say for each occasion.

All month, your creativity will be reaching impressive heights. Present those ideas—they are falling from your mind like diamonds.

Month’s end will not be the time to make binding agreements or to have any important interviews or presentations. You will have an emotional witch of a monster full moon on April 26 in Scorpio, lighting your tenth house of reputation and prestigious career advancement. Something is coming to culmination, but what comes up is nothing you would have ever expected. You and the people around you will likely feel fragile and on edge and will be looking for answers.

It could be that your boss or the board of directors of your company will issue a directive that is completely unexpected and not necessarily to your liking. You could have never guessed it was coming, and you are not sure you will like the direction the company will go and how all this will affect your career. Your ruler Uranus will directly oppose the tender full moon in your career-oriented tenth house with a 180-degree tug-of-war, and at the same time, Uranus will conjoin the Sun in your home sector, adding wild weather to your home atmosphere too, on April 26.

The Sun rules your partner, and because Uranus will be conjunct the Sun on the full moon April 26, he or she may be part of the problem, not part of the solution. It might be that your partner will inject an opinion that you would ordinarily welcome, but not now. Timing is everything in life, and your spouse’s opinion is not what you need to hear in the middle of the vortex spinning around you. It appears that sudden changes are afoot at home or regarding family too, not just at work. It seems this month both work and home are bringing rapid shifts, and you will find keeping up will take energy. You need to take good care of yourself in April, so that by the time you get to this full moon, you are rested and have kept fit.

Your best time to make firm decisions will be in mid-month, when you have the most supportive, twinkling stars. The Sun and Jupiter will be in sync on April 15, giving you favor from VIPs—magically, you can do no wrong. Then, on April 16, Mars will be in ideal alignment to Jupiter, a vital day when action leads to profit. You will feel good-fortune planet Jupiter protecting you, and that will be a comfort to know. Have faith—it seems you are on the side of the angels.

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