Aquarius Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


Mars, the action planet, is still touring your fifth house of true love, making April a time to take your eyes slightly off your everyday career duties and make room for love. If you have a partner, lavish your spouse or sweetheart with your attention. You will get the response you crave—perhaps much to your surprise. If you are single, you might be offered an introduction from your sibling or cousin, and even if your family has never suggested someone of “your type” before now, stay open to suggestions.

A project that emphasizes your communication skills—writing, speaking, editing, translation, research, or coding—may come up at the April 11 new moon. The project you will generate or be offered seems to be just your cup of tea. A crown of stars—four heavenly bodies—is gathering in entrepreneurial Aries, your third house of communication, suggesting you will be working on something very new and unexplored, and the newness of it all will excite you. With Mars in Gemini, you’re finding the perfect words to say for each occasion.

All month, your creativity will be reaching impressive heights. Present those ideas—they are falling from your mind like diamonds.

Month’s end will not be the time to make binding agreements or to have any important interviews or presentations. You will have an emotional witch of a monster full moon on April 26 in Scorpio, lighting your tenth house of reputation and prestigious career advancement. Something is coming to culmination, but what comes up is nothing you would have ever expected. You and the people around you will likely feel fragile and on edge and will be looking for answers.

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