Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

february 2020

Dear Reader,

February will be quiet an exciting month, dotted with special days to bring you a variety of opportunities and good news. January was difficult for some readers, but February should be a happy little month packed full of twinkling stars to lift your spirits.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You seem to have been involved with intense secret talks over the past weeks and months, possibly to take an important new position or, if you are self-employed, to add a powerful new client to your roster. Alternatively, you may be preparing to launch a new product that you’ve had in development. You have had to be patient and realistic in your approach to this endeavor, for Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has made this an imperative. Your wide range of creativity and your ability to keep complex projects on budget is a rare skill, not often found in an applicant who is such a creative thinker, but this is exactly what VIPs find so attractive about you, in addition to your vision and sound judgement.

You appear to be nearing the point where your desired compensation will become the focus and finalized, but because the endeavor is important, talks will take time to complete. That’s fine—let events take their natural course.

You will start discussing money in earnest once you arrive at the February 23 new moon in Pisces at four degrees. That new moon will be influential for weeks, but especially in the first ten days that follow its appearance. Your timing for opening financial talks will be perfect late in the month. Neptune will be close to the Sun and new moon on February 23 but won’t be overly close—that suggests your creativity and ability to generate ideas will form a large part of the foundation of the new job (or the assignment or endeavor you are discussing).

There is more to this new moon of February 23 that I am excited to share with you! At the time of the new moon, Mars will be in Capricorn and will signal the Sun and new moon in Pisces, both placed in your second house of earned income. The Sun rules your partnerships, so I am wondering if you will offer the services of both you and a recommended partner as part of a twosome package. (Such a package might be on offer to a company with the ability to hire you, as a VP creative director, for example, along with your favorite, award-winning VP writer.) Lots of people offer a company a partnership like this, and it is a good idea.

Or it might work differently. If the job involves working closely with a collaborator once you secure the position, discussions would revolve around the type of person with whom you would ideally choose to work. I will return to this topic in a second because the selection of that collaborator will be important to you and to the success of venture—that person will be chosen soon, this month, should you accept the offer.

At or near the February 8 full moon, you may receive a marriage proposal. A week later, you could celebrate your love for each other and announce your engagement publicly, on Valentine’s Day. Perfect!

My very favorite part of this February 23 new moon and what it could mean to you is that Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet, and because of that, any aspect that includes Uranus will have more weight and importance for you than for other signs. At the new moon on February 23, Uranus will be divinely angled to both the Sun and new moon in a very tight mathematical aspect. (The tightness of the aspect is significant.)

Uranus is in your fourth house of home, so the job might require you to move quite suddenly. You seem fine with that, even though as a fixed sign, you tend to avoid uprooting yourself. I think the job on the table represents a very big advancement with a great deal of responsibility and power. It would be worth whatever you need to do to secure it. If relocation is required, it will happen suddenly, almost without warning, and it would most likely happen at the new moon in Taurus just after April 22.

Other things are going on in April and May that suggest you could win the assignment or position on offer or that a product launch you may be doing will go well. Mars, the timekeeper of the zodiac, will be in Aquarius for the first time in two years, from March 30 until May 12. With Mars in your sign, you will be in control and ready to announce a big decision and to subsequently take bold action. This means April and the first half of May will be vital weeks for you!

Now, let’s come back to this month. There is only one little wrinkle to this situation, but I don’t think it will be much of an obstacle. Mercury will go retrograde this month from February 16 until March 9. Mercury may temporarily slow down talks about your compensation (or if you submitted a financial estimate for an impending job, final approval may take time). This will only be a temporary situation so do not worry. I think Mercury will focus you mainly on financial matters because this month, the messenger will be in your second house of earned income.

If you anticipate that for a position you’re considering you will secure a commission, year-end bonus based on your performance, or an offer of special company perks, like superb health insurance, flextime, or the ability to work from home once a week, that part of the deal will be finalized next month on the spectacular full moon in your eighth house on March 9. (Give that date a plus four days. I adore March 11, so circle that date on your calendar.) The same advice holds if you are looking for better company benefits or a favorable change to your commission in your present job—things will be settled within four days of March 9.

There is one other huge aspect that will be in your favor. Neptune is in your second house of salary and will be there for several more years, for Neptune takes 165 years to circle the Sun and spends about 14 years in each sign it visits. What is new is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in near-constant communication with Neptune almost all year, and this month they will align perfectly on February 20. Jupiter and Neptune will meet again on July 27 and October 12.

These two planets will orbit close to each other (within a tight mathematical orbit), so that means you don’t have to focus solely on those three days I listed. You have lots of time—nearly a year—to make use of the proximity of Jupiter and Neptune in a sextile, offering great opportunity.

Jupiter and Neptune’s impending alignment—so powerful and rare— indicates you will be paid well in 2020 for your creativity. Because Jupiter expands all it touches, you will be in an arena that will allow you to express your full range of imaginative ideas—your creativity will be lauded and appreciated, and your projects will be green-lighted. Dear Aquarius, are you excited yet? You should be! Find a job that recognizes your gift of foresight because you know what is coming up over the distant horizon—as an Aquarius, that is your talent. Find work you are passionate about, and your success will rise so high, it will have no limits.

I know I am giving you a lot of puzzle pieces to put together, but they are snapping into place so perfectly that I am amazed. If possible, wait until my favorite day for you, March 11, to finalize your compensation and other plans if you have not yet settled before February begins. March 9 is the ideal full moon in your financial eighth house, and the type of money this house rules includes bonuses, commissions, company perks and benefits, insurance policies, venture capital, and other such funds. March 9 is not only the date of the full moon that covers these areas, it is also the date that Mercury goes direct. Bingo—this is great! I want you to wait two days after March 9 before you start acting on plans. Do that March 11, because on that day, Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun.

With Mercury retrograde February 16 until March 9 (and leave a space of days before and after these start-and-finish dates), I would prefer that ideally you not start a new position, sign a legal document, launch a new product, or formally begin an important new relationship just yet. View this period when Mercury is retrograde as one that will focus you on areas you need to clarify with the other party if you are to come together in a strong, unified relationship. If you must start, then do it, but things will change later, so be prepared to be flexible.

You will have all the time you need to improve your understanding of the expectations regarding the job or new venture, and clarifying that description will ensure your success in this venture.

I know Mercury retrograde can be frustrating, but we are all in the same boat with the trickster’s delays and miscommunications. Be more deliberate in all your actions, and make sure you don’t leave your electronic treasures behind on an airplane, taxi, or train. (Also, don’t keep your cup of coffee near your computer on a plane. Turbulence led to spilled coffee on my laptop, and while Apple fixed it perfectly after one week in repairs, I had to buy a new MacBook Pro instantly, so I would not lose writing time.)

Earlier I mentioned the possibility that you will be working with a partner on this new project or venture. That collaboration will crystallize on the full moon, on February 8 or 9 (plus four days or minus two days). (Whether the full moon falls on February 8 or 9 will depend on your time zone.) The full moon will glow in your opposite sign of Leo at 20 degrees, and Leo rules your house of serious, committed partnerships and collaborations, usually covered by a contract. It’s a good time to hire a new accountant, financial advisor, manager, agent, nanny, publicist, social media director, or writing partner—you get the idea. Anyone who works with you in a one-on-one way would be covered by your partnership sector, and this full moon will favorably highlight this person.

Now, let’s say you are not looking for a new job but rather are dating someone you love with all your heart. At or near the February 8-9 full moon, you may receive a marriage proposal. A week later, you could celebrate your love for each other and announce your engagement publicly, on Valentine’s Day. Perfect!

This full moon of February 8-9 is lovely because action planet Mars will send magical beams to the Sun and full moon. There is so much harmony that I can see the little hearts flying through the air above you.

This full moon falls over a weekend, so February 8 (or February 9, depending on your time zone) might even be your wedding day. How exciting! That would be great timing. Mercury won’t retrograde until February 16, so you would be free and clear to walk down the aisle, and it would be an ideal time to wed. The change in residence that I see possible for you could be because after you wed, you will want to start your married life together in a new apartment or house. Lovely!

Now let’s look closely at Valentine’s Day, February 14. Will it be special for you? Yes! This month has such sweet aspects on so many days, including this one, that it’s remarkable. On this day, Mars and Uranus will cook up some stunning surprises, for Mars will be trine Uranus, the most harmonious aspect possible between two planets. This day will have at least one (if not more) unexpected twists.

If you are attached, because the transiting moon will be in Scorpio, you will want to choose a dark, private restaurant with lots of romantic candlelight. As an Aquarius, you tend to like vegetarian or light fare, so look to see if you can find a special-occasion restaurant with a menu that’s plant based and where the menu items are prepared in a new way by a highly creative master chef.

You have a dazzling forecast for February, and you will like what transpires.

On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You seem to have a lot happening behind closed doors, and it appears that your activities center on attaining a new position or creating a product launch. Things are going well—perhaps better than you assume. You can’t hear the discussions that are going on about you, but they are positive, so stay confident. You need to be patient, for it seems talks will continue in confidential form until the end of March. The people you are talking to want to know your compensation requirements, and those talks will soon reach a settlement, beginning in earnest on the peach of a new moon of February 23.

At the new moon of February 23, Mars will be working hard for you, and Uranus, your guardian planet, will be sprinkling the entire situation with a number of surprises. Of course, with Uranus, one never knows which way things will go, but it is a friendly aspect, so let’s think good thoughts. Expect an unusual twist to your negotiations. Mercury will be retrograde during your talks, so don’t rush things as delays will benefit you. The position may require you to work one-on-one with a partner, and if so, you will learn more about that person and how you will collaborate at the full moon of February 8-9, plus four days or minus two days.

April will bring more career news, and you may be able to start your big job in May. The bigger the job, the longer it takes for management to decide on which candidate to hire, but even so, you have every reason to stay confident. You seem very likely to have already made it onto their shortlist of finest candidates.

I think the new position you are looking at (or new promotion) will require that you move to a new residence, most likely in a different part of the country or even overseas. If that were to come up, you would know by the new moon of April 22, plus ten days. When you hear this news, you won’t have a lot of notice, so you will have to roll quickly.

The first half of February will be your most fun and social. Mars, the planet that supplies energy and light to any part of the chart he visits, is currently in your eleventh house of friendships, a place Mars took up on January 3 and will remain until February 16. This is great news—Valentine’s Day is included in that period and will go far to meet your expectations. Matters of love are looking up!

Wait—there is more! You have a full moon on February 8-9 (depending on your time zone) in your relationship/marriage/commitment sector, so Valentine’s Day may come a week early when one of you proposes to the other. If you are ready, there will be no reason to put off that decision. Say yes and get engaged! Mars will zing a golden message to that full moon, so you are likely to enjoy it to the fullest and feel motivated to swing into the new chapter of your life.

There are other superb days to note, and both will help you with matters on the home front. The first will be when Mercury and Uranus work in supreme harmony on February 5, a day when home-related ideas will shine. If you need to find a new place to live, or if you need to shop for furniture, linens, or other items, browse shops and the Internet—you will love the amazing solutions you find. Family questions that you’ve pondered will also bring answers, so by all means, brainstorm for many possible options and choose the best

Here is another day that has your name written all over it—February 21, when Mars and Uranus will be in a heavenly trine with each other, bringing something having to do with home and family to a surprisingly upbeat turn. If you have a home-or family-related matter, an answer will come out of left field and help you resolve it to your complete satisfaction.

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