Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

At the new moon of February 23, Mars will be working hard for you, and Uranus, your guardian planet, will be sprinkling the entire situation with a number of surprises. Of course, with Uranus, one never knows which way things will go, but it is a friendly aspect, so let’s think good thoughts. Expect an unusual twist to your negotiations. Mercury will be retrograde during your talks, so don’t rush things as delays will benefit you. The position may require you to work one-on-one with a partner, and if so, you will learn more about that person and how you will collaborate at the full moon of February 8-9, plus four days or minus two days.

April will bring more career news, and you may be able to start your big job in May. The bigger the job, the longer it takes for management to decide on which candidate to hire, but even so, you have every reason to stay confident. You seem very likely to have already made it onto their shortlist of finest candidates.

I think the new position you are looking at (or new promotion) will require that you move to a new residence, most likely in a different part of the country or even overseas. If that were to come up, you would know by the new moon of April 22, plus ten days. When you hear this news, you won’t have a lot of notice, so you will have to roll quickly.

The first half of February will be your most fun and social. Mars, the planet that supplies energy and light to any part of the chart he visits, is currently in your eleventh house of friendships, a place Mars took up on January 3 and will remain until February 16. This is great news—Valentine’s Day is included in that period and will go far to meet your expectations. Matters of love are looking up!

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