Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

These two planets will orbit close to each other (within a tight mathematical orbit), so that means you don’t have to focus solely on those three days I listed. You have lots of time—nearly a year—to make use of the proximity of Jupiter and Neptune in a sextile, offering great opportunity.

Jupiter and Neptune’s impending alignment—so powerful and rare— indicates you will be paid well in 2020 for your creativity. Because Jupiter expands all it touches, you will be in an arena that will allow you to express your full range of imaginative ideas—your creativity will be lauded and appreciated, and your projects will be green-lighted. Dear Aquarius, are you excited yet? You should be! Find a job that recognizes your gift of foresight because you know what is coming up over the distant horizon—as an Aquarius, that is your talent. Find work you are passionate about, and your success will rise so high, it will have no limits.

I know I am giving you a lot of puzzle pieces to put together, but they are snapping into place so perfectly that I am amazed. If possible, wait until my favorite day for you, March 11, to finalize your compensation and other plans if you have not yet settled before February begins. March 9 is the ideal full moon in your financial eighth house, and the type of money this house rules includes bonuses, commissions, company perks and benefits, insurance policies, venture capital, and other such funds. March 9 is not only the date of the full moon that covers these areas, it is also the date that Mercury goes direct. Bingo—this is great! I want you to wait two days after March 9 before you start acting on plans. Do that March 11, because on that day, Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun.

With Mercury retrograde February 16 until March 9 (and leave a space of days before and after these start-and-finish dates), I would prefer that ideally you not start a new position, sign a legal document, launch a new product, or formally begin an important new relationship just yet. View this period when Mercury is retrograde as one that will focus you on areas you need to clarify with the other party if you are to come together in a strong, unified relationship. If you must start, then do it, but things will change later, so be prepared to be flexible.

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