Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Other things are going on in April and May that suggest you could win the assignment or position on offer or that a product launch you may be doing will go well. Mars, the timekeeper of the zodiac, will be in Aquarius for the first time in two years, from March 30 until May 12. With Mars in your sign, you will be in control and ready to announce a big decision and to subsequently take bold action. This means April and the first half of May will be vital weeks for you!

Now, let’s come back to this month. There is only one little wrinkle to this situation, but I don’t think it will be much of an obstacle. Mercury will go retrograde this month from February 16 until March 9. Mercury may temporarily slow down talks about your compensation (or if you submitted a financial estimate for an impending job, final approval may take time). This will only be a temporary situation so do not worry. I think Mercury will focus you mainly on financial matters because this month, the messenger will be in your second house of earned income.

If you anticipate that for a position you’re considering you will secure a commission, year-end bonus based on your performance, or an offer of special company perks, like superb health insurance, flextime, or the ability to work from home once a week, that part of the deal will be finalized next month on the spectacular full moon in your eighth house on March 9. (Give that date a plus four days. I adore March 11, so circle that date on your calendar.) The same advice holds if you are looking for better company benefits or a favorable change to your commission in your present job—things will be settled within four days of March 9.

There is one other huge aspect that will be in your favor. Neptune is in your second house of salary and will be there for several more years, for Neptune takes 165 years to circle the Sun and spends about 14 years in each sign it visits. What is new is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in near-constant communication with Neptune almost all year, and this month they will align perfectly on February 20. Jupiter and Neptune will meet again on July 27 and October 12.

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